PDF is one of the most popular and preferred formats for all those who enjoy reading over handheld devices. There are many benefits for this format. All elements stay perfectly in synch and also in precise proportion. Sometimes, this may not be desirable and this brings into the scene the importance of PDF to ePub conversion.

You may also prefer digitization services for conversion to kindle formats and a company offering these services can easily avail that. But at this point of time, you must understand why pdf to ePub or Mobi conversion is the best option among all the said.

importance of PDF to ePub conversion

Exclusive advantages of embracing ePub or Mobi

EPub or Mobi is what most of the experts prefer if the e-reader you are using supports them. Some of the exceptional upsides of these format are:

  • Font sizes can be changed while reading. Using portable document format demands you to zoom out and in which is not a pleasant experience.
  • Words in ePub or Mobi files are properly indexed; hence you can search them in the in-built dictionary.
  • Here text flows and reflows automatically.

The main drawback of these formats is that graphics are not supported perfectly by them.

PDF to ePub

  • Calibre is regarded as one if the best tools available for eBook conversion; it is also free.
  • There are also many online tools that can help you with this.

PDFs to Kindle Formats

  • The conversion process in this case is almost the same as that of portable document format to eBook conversion. The only difference is that you have to choose an output format compatible with Kindle.
  • .Mobi and AZW are the two main formats supported.

You may hire services of professional companies to get the conversion done with ease and perfection. And if you need more tips and latest news, keep reading our posts.