We, PGBS a reputed data abstraction company based in India, offer an extensive range of data abstraction services by the team of experts who are equipped with all kinds of updated tools and technologies.

data abstraction services

Outsource Data Abstraction Services

Data abstraction techniques

With the aim to provide you with such services, our team of highly skilled and professional experts carries out extensive reading activities. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the subject, all the necessary and important information is segregated and stored in a systematic format. Such information is presented in a very precise and systematic manner. With proper headings and bullet points, all the information is represented in such a way that your derivation of information solves the ultimate purpose.

Our cost effective and time efficient abstraction services carried out by expert professionals enable us to serve our clients outsourcing to us from across the globe with hundred percent success ratios.  We offer different levels of abstraction which can ease customer’s exchanges

  • Physical level – This is the basic level of abstraction that describes the lowest level of the data structure in detail and how abstracted information is stored.
  • Logical level – This is the next level which describes what type of data is stored and its relevant relationship within the database and helps the user with easy access to it
  • View level – This is the highest level and describes only one part of the full database. Users can access only the info they need from variety stored within the database.

Our data abstraction process

These solutions provided by us ensure relevant information is handy for an ongoing project. We make sure that all sources used in this procedure are authentic and submitted for later verification if required. Facts and figures are carefully abstracted only after thorough verification by our research team.

Abundant data may include certain errors or faults which our team scans through a rigorous quality check. Your requirement could be relevant to any industrial sector; our service covers almost all major sectors and thus is in a position to provide you with highly optimized results irrespective of the domain with our processes.

Most of the important and crucial information is abstracted from

  • Journal papers
  • Contracts
  • Lease documents
  • Medical records
  • Research papers
  • Title searches or titles
  • Books
  • News
  • Sales info
  • Financial records
  • Consumer contacts

Data Abstraction solutions and benefits at PGBS

Our data abstraction service has gained its popularity due to accurate research results and thus enabling businesses to implement robust strategic business decisions. A mix of a web resource as well as printed material helps us to derive a huge amount of knowledgeable database which our team filters and process for your convenience.  Some of the benefits are

  • We provide the data in quick TAT
  • Data security is assured
  • Affordable pricing
  • Certified team of industry experts
  • 24/7 customer support

As one of the top data abstraction companies, we cater to all customized requests pertaining to information abstraction and document management.

Keep your in-house resources spared from the frustration of cracking head in search of merely a few relevant data from a huge stack of information-heavy documents. As one of the top data abstraction companies, we can be of assistance for you.