PGBS offers expert data capture services at affordable prices. Information is of utmost importance to every organization. As it is the accuracy of the same which helps companies build its strategies and processes on, without accurate information, most of the forecasting can go wrong.

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Outsource data capture services

Gathering the most accurate information within the right time frame helps companies succeed in most of their deals and as an outsourcing company we know this fact well. But managing and handling voluminous information can be a tiring task. Especially when you have to convert the information digitally in order to store it for future reference, the task seems to be very tedious and takes a lot of time. With the help of this you can achieve a perfect solution for all your issues. This is where outsourcing to an affordable Indian service provider like us emerges as a sensible option.

Since this tedious task of converting information from paper documents, photographs, books, microfilms, receipts, forms, and other documents to digital formats consumes a lot of time and effort, it is important to follow proper data capture process for delivery of systematic output. Leading companies in India tackle the complex process of converting massive hard-copy based information by using methods such as document scanning, OCR and more.

Why choose us as your outsourcing partner?

PGBS has been a renowned provider of outsourcing data capturing services for clients across the globe. We follow a robust and systematic method of converting information without any potential risk of loss or damage.

Data capturing techniques followed by our experts

  • Short and long range scanning
  • Linear imaging
  • Tagging RF
  • OCR and ICR
  • Batch Keying

This refers to process of extracting data after true identification of information in the documents. It is done manually by our team of experts and automatically if needed as per the quality required. If some specific custom information has to be captured then both the means of service will be used by our team. Our high quality solutions include capturing information from printed documents or handwritten forms and images. Few sources from which we capture data include

  • Business reports
  • Claim forms
  • Questionnaire and Survey info
  • Subscriptions and enrollments
  • Profiles and CV’s
  • Legal documents
  • Medical records and bills
  • Financial documents and invoices

Keeping in mind the most cost effective and highly optimized qualitative outsourcing solutions provided by our team, various organizations worldwide have outsourced their data capturing services regularly. Other benefits of outsourcing data capture services to us include

  • Proven techniques to capture information
  • Specific and customized quality output
  • Expert staff to handle diverse formats
  • Complete security and confidentiality of information
  • Most affordable pricing

Our outsourcing data capture service is reliable, accurate and quick. Information captured is available for client to access in any specific formats they desire. We also capture information in more than 30 languages both foreign and domestic such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and more

We offer cohesive and end-to-end data capture services to a wide range of industries. Looking forward towards outsourcing capturing of data services to India?