Are your customers dissatisfied and your organization is lacking sales?

If your answer is yes, then outsourcing chat support services and email support services like technical help, order taking, verification and others to outsourcing company in India can help your organization. Email customer service and bpo chat support services help provide timely resolutions to all customer queries, keep them happy and satisfied thereby building loyal customer base.

Outsource Email Support Services

Outsource Live Chat Support Services

Outsource email support services to PGBS

Email support is one of the most key methods of transmitting data and managing customer relationship. We know that your organization receive loads of emails daily and responding to each one of them is a tedious task for you. We offer you effective and reliable offshore business email support services.

Our services include

  • Order taking and fulfillment
  • Technical assistance
  • Ticketing
  • Subscriptions
  • Query resolutions
  • Marketing newsletters

Just outsource to PGBS and see how we improve your customers’ satisfaction and increase your sales by our professional email support. Low pricing, real time email answering, accessesibility are few benefits of outsourcing email support services to our quality outsourcing Indian Company. Our efficient email response services builds a brand value for your organization by balancing work throughout business & non business hours.

Our solutions have mailers ready for major events like product announcements, newsletters, brochures, thank you mails, apology mailers and more. This helps our client associate well with their customers by catering their needs constantly. Our friendly staff is very accessible for any information, anytime. We bridge the gap between the company and the customers gradually through our support. This helps in laying strong fundamentals for effective relationship management with customers. The communication within the system is facile such that customers do not experience any inconvenience. The queries, complains registered are immediately reported, verified and treated.

Why use PGBS Offshoring email support services

Experienced resources

PGBS is equipped with experienced, skilled and properly trained team of experts who are accomplished to provide non-voice support in impeccable manner. Professionals with us can efficiently answer to all your emails in right language, promptly and appropriately. We are adept in technical support, general customer care, verifications, query resolution and order fulfillment etc.

Reliable support

We stay reliable always and you can be confident that we will answer all your emails professionals and accurately without even slightest delay. Our professionals are available 365 days, day and night which means that no emails will ever go unanswered. Rely on us and outsource your bpo email support requirement to our company. We assure quality and cost-effectiveness.

Domain expertise

We have worked with different industries and countless customers. So, no matter how industry specific your requirements are, we can easily handle them. Let it be queries related to services, products, sales, complaint, billing or anything, we can definitely help. Our expertise can also be helpful if you want to cross-sell or up-sell; we have that marketing skill.

Customer satisfaction

We are available all time round the clock and your customer’s queries are answered even at odd hours. This would be something that your customers would appreciate. At the same time, you can concentrate on your actual business to increase the quality of your products and services. Thus over all the satisfaction level of customers can be drastically elevated.

Way we work

First of all we create a vast database of knowledge covering all FAQ’s by our customers. This is created after the common requirements of customers are discussed in detail. Our team keeps on updating the database as more and more ideas are generated from communications with customers and prospects in course of time.

In addition to this, before starting any project we provide a detailed training session to the executives handling your project. The training is in regard of the USPs and all details related to your products, services and processes. By this, the executives get well accomplished to reply to the email queries clearly, accurately and completely.

Chat support process outsourcing

Live chat has great benefits. Imagine the comfort enjoyed by a customer when he gets the needed support instantaneously. He will feel valued and this can increase the chances for conversion. We have been offering multilingual chat support service for years now and know how to deal with a customer online to help you business grow through customer appeasement and satisfaction.

Importance of outsourcing live chat support requirements

  • You can focus more on your main business activities like sales and marketing.
  • You can get more information regarding your customers in regard of their inclinations.
  • You need not follow up asteh queries from customers are answered immediately.

By outsourcing live chat support and related requirements, you can save effort, time and resources which ultimately lead to significant improvement in your bottom-line.

Software we use at PGBS

We are acquainted with all latest software programs and keep on upgrading regularly based on latest versions and arrivals. Well! If you have any special preferences, we can guide our team to use the particular software. Else, based on your business specific requirements and volumes, we can suggest you the appropriate software.

Outsource chat support services to PGBS

We use SSL based secure chat systems. Customers can message even when offline. Having incorporated a canned response manager, we can chat in varied language using multi-language feature. Links, images, proactive messages and pages can be sent effortlessly. We use a real-time site activity monitoring system as well.

Our offshore chat support services can help your organization to turn visitors into customers. Having your customer’s real time queries answered promptly, efficiently and accurately is bound to increase customer satisfaction.

Our live chat solutions include

  • Order tracking
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Programs
  • Customer retention
  • Technical assistance
  • Account Information Updates

PGBS helps to improve business efficiency in following ways:

  • We care for you customers through chat while you focus on the core activities related to your business
  • Our experts track customer inclinations and detail you what your prospects are actually looking for
  • We answer all queries professionally, round the clock
  • We are affordable and keep a flexible pricing model

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Why outsource to PGBS?

Outsourcing chat and email support to our team in India is a cost effective option to retain your customers. Our trained professionals and advanced technology in email and chat management will provide your customers with accurate and timely information about your products and services. Outsource to PGBS, in India and get benefited from an increase in revenue as more visitors are converted into prospects.

Industries we serve include banking, finance, eCommerce, software, food, health care, travel, media, retail, telecom, real estate and more.


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Outsourcing chat and email support to our team in India is the most cost effective option to retain your customers. To get benefited from an increase in revenue and convert more visitors into prospects reach us today