In the recent times with the coming up of the age of ePub standards, there has been a substantial increase in the use of enhanced ePub. These services have been designed to give a significant advantage to readers to read through the text easily and also the advantage to read the books in popular digital formats and without going for any kind of secondary conversions.

Enhanced ePub Conversion

Enhanced e-Publishing Conversion Services

Why outsource to PGBS?

Outsourcing your requirements will ensure high-quality services from our outsourcing team. Our dedicated and quality oriented enhanced ePub conversion services in India have been exclusively designed and developed to meet the requirements of businesses and meet the purpose. We put a competitive price tagging and this gives us the leading edge to serve the publishers and clients with advantage and excitement. We maintain and implement time bound strategies that will make us deliver the final work in time.

What we provide

At PGBS, we take advantage of our enhanced ebook conversions for all types of standard electronic publications. At PGBS, our  professionals have the expertise to provide ePub and ePub3 Interactive eBooks with rich media, simple 2d animations and read aloud features as well as Math books using MathML and SVG for equations

Experts in our office are ready to accept format sources like MS Word, PDF, Quark, RTF, XML, HTML and other medium to convert into digital publications and books which is usable on any device having compatible application for reading. Since the advantage is in the open standard format, consumers’ interoperability is offered in ePUB between software and hardware.

We meet requirements of our clients to give services such as XML, and application files extractable PDF and many more. The services offered by professionals in our office are flexible in terms of format and are designed to meet our client’s customized page view, style of text and display requirements.

At PGBS, our experts are committed to providing accurate and precise enhanced conversion apart from the automated package creation and validation. Our expertise in eBooks conversion for Apple iBooks is an advantage and has helped to add value.

We are dedicated to offer you quality digital conversion solutions. You can get a no obligation quote from us for any of your digitization requirements. Contact us today!

With adequate technology driven automated processes, as an established enhanced ePub conversion services provider, we are invigorated with the right technician infrastructure  and trained professionals to meet even the most arduous enhanced ePub conversion requirements of clients from different industry verticals.