About Flash flip eBooks

Flash flip eBooks are the new and groundbreaking way of creating, publishing and reading the content on the whopping world of internet. This version of eBooks comes with enhanced interactivity and attractiveness too. Reading the pages is easy and soothing to eyes.

flash flipbook conversion services

Flash flip book conversion

The eBook pages created in Flash are accessed and read on advanced digital page reading devices like android mobiles, tablets, iPhones, iPads and of course the PCs too. They show absolutely no difference in the integrity of content and therefore, the online and printed version will look same in the quality of content. However, the speed of page readability increases in them as the content appears to look appealing.

Why outsource to Pro Global Business Solutions?

Pro Global Business Solutions, the professional outsourcing company is among best in providing high quality and valuable eBook creation services in India.Under the panorama of our services, we provide creative digital books, eBooks, and more. We have advanced flipping technology apart from the slick navigation techniques. Outsourcing the conversion services to us will not only provide the natural benefits of cost and time saving to our prospective clients but also quality in service rendering.

We use the latest technologies and make the book available in highly optimized digital format.Readers can turn their book pages with a flip sound and also get visual effect to enhance the whole experience. This makes the page reading experience close leisure with thorough understanding.

The services from Pro Global Business Solutions are of immense value to clients who have projected for eBooks, online newspapers, magazines, brochures, eLearning products, photo albums, story books, catalogs or any other desired publications.

What we provide?

We offer our clients with the following

  • Slide shows button options
  • Flash or Interactive media books
  • Digital books and albums created in Flash
  • Customized index and TOC
  • SPM or SDM in the single and double page

Besides, we will also convert PDF or JPG images, and ensure that the clients have customized flash flip books, or eBooks, or book pages ready. We also create the 3 dimensional flipping formats, ideal for the wedding,birthday,baby albums.

Hire our India based outsourcing company for all your conversion services. Contact us now and enjoy impeccable quality services.

With our incredibly well crafted flash flip book conversion services, it is faster, easier and safer than ever before to process flash flip book conversions.