Accurate information is critical. And not just mere any information, it is also important that the information available must be relevant. PGBS offers excellent form processing services to companies of all sizes.

Web form processing services

Outsource form processing services

The aspect which plays a vital role is the format in which the information is available. Most information is derived from paper-based sources such as books, documents, journals and other documents. This source is good but needs extra work for storage and management. Any information turns out to be more useful and effective once it has been converted from its original format to digital format. Data obtained in electronic form after processing is a valuable asset.

Outsourcing form processing services to India has gained a lot of popularity hence small, medium and large-scale companies have started investing towards outsourcing such data-based projects.

Form processing solutions and procedure at PGBS

This task is time-consuming for acquiring quality output as it is processing all the information in each form such that it is ready to access is befitting. There is certain parameter based on which this process is done. The output desired can be descriptive or statistical as per client request. We follow below-mentioned steps for accurate processing

  • Customized and accurate data collection
  • Creating automated form input systems with OCR, OMR, BCR, and ICR
  • Data configuration after verification and cleansing
  • Creation of structured, searchable and streamlined database

We convert the data from paper-based forms or electronic version objectively, keeping the report holistic and accommodating. It can be any report, any analysis output, questionnaire, application, etc. which needs to be processed. The data are also extracted from sources such as forms, images which are scanned, fax documents and more.

Types of forms which are processed by us include

  • Payrolls
  • Bank cheques
  • Medical records
  • Insurance claims
  • Legal documents
  • Market research entries
  • Subscriptions
  • Rental documents
  • Questionnaire
  • Purchase orders
  • Immigration applications

Outsource form processing services to us and gain business advantages

We carry out these outsourcing services considering the cost and time factor along with quality output being the most important aspect. The data or information might be structured or unstructured; however, we take care of all such irregularities with convenience.

PGBS also caters to customized needs and requirements of every customer. Some data sets might be required in a particular format and design which are easily prepared for you as per preference.

  • Reduction in your internal costing
  • Processing of diverse language forms
  • Form calculation and analysis
  • Bulk volume processing
  • Manual verification of flagged fields
  • Avoiding manual errors through automation

Outsource all your data services related needs to our company and get great quality support at cost effective pricing!

Our quality driven processes for safe data upload, collection and organisation guarantees unmatched class of form processing services.