The Kindle Format 8 integrates a diversified range of technical features that are new and supports HTML5 and CSS3. With the KF8 conversion, the Kindle eBook will have a smooth integration of audio and video files and this gives startling effect. This service allows the owner of eBooks will get a perfect arrangement of content, images bullets and tables and all of them will be uniquely placed.

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KF8 Conversion

KF8 formatting services

After the transformation, one can catch an easy glimpse of Kindle Panel Views and Kindle Text Pop Up.  This also brings into effect the numbered lists, callouts, sidebars, scalable vector graphics, and much more unique kind of arrangements. Moreover, it allows systematic formatting of the layout of the books which also include graphic novels and comics. The latest conversion format can allow graphic novels and comics to be presented in very high resolution.

The conversion is done for nested tables, numbered bullets, fixed layouts, call outs and many more. We accept input files like word, pdf, Indesign files, QuarkXPress and more. Outputs are provided in the formats like AZW, ePub, ePub3 and mobi which are compatible with iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Sony e-Reader, Kobo etc.

We provide KF8 conversion services for the below

  • Enhanced eBooks that integrate features such as audio, video, and interactivity
  • Creating and Developing EBooks to EPUB
  • Flash to HTML5 re-purposing and production

Why outsource kindle conversion to us?

Outsourcing to the PGBS in India would bring several natural benefits to your business. We have an experienced team in our office having immense expertise in KF8 conversion services. Whether you are having the doc or other formats or magazines, all of them can be converted to the Kindle Format 8 by hiring our effective and comprehensive services.

Leveraging several years of profound experience of converting eBooks to old Kindle versions, our professionals are now proficient in KF8 professional layout conversion facility of the Kindle Fire. The extensive experience will pay off as the eBooks also will have added attributes of KF8.

KF8 file conversion is a blessing for picture oriented books. It enables you in creating reader-friendly, feature-rich eBooks which replicate the original file print.

When you outsource to us, you are 100% assured of getting accuracy, fast turnaround time, superb quality and amazing value. We do not charge any type of set up cost. Only a secured FTP server is used in place to upload or download documents.

Hire our team for effective ebook conversion services. We are dedicated to offer you quality and accurate conversions.

With the right breed of programmers, designers and quality teams, let us provide you with the most suitable KF8 Conversion Services based on extensive knowledge, expertise and impeccable experience to help you meet all the different quality and technical standards.