This format layout is designed for giving the eBook reader a marvelous and easy look to read the books. Nook is the interface that provides reading completely soothing to eyes. This format, in particular, differs from the conventional type of reflowable text eBooks conversion in a variety of ways.

Nook Fixed Layout Format services

Nook fixed layout epub conversion


The first difference occurs right in the placement of content, which is fixed on the reading application page and in a totally fixed layout format. The layout emphasizes strictly on the production of eBooks that have a complex typographic design. The layout in the Nook is fixed and plays a crucial role in bringing the text in complete synchronization with book design. Nook fixed layout ePub services are used for all types of e-publication designs.

Many e-publication units need the content to be feasible by masses of all pertinent age groups. The interface here has the digital replica content feature which allows fluid user interactivity as the magazine content has been derived from ready PDF’s. The textual content is made easily readable.

The placement of the content in the Nook layout is compatible with the navigating visuals on screen. It enables in reading better with soothing viewing online experience of novels, comics and more.

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What do we provide?

PGBS aims to provide the best and a terrific range of services to the clients from all across the epublishing industry. The services are provided for the prominent Nook products such as the page perfect, comics, and Nook kids integrated with ‘Read to Me’ as well as ‘Read and Play’.

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