Though outsourcing solutions have been popular for a really long time now, even today someone planning to contract out his requirements to an offshore company for the first time becomes paranoid.  Several concerns conquer his mind among which finding the best company to associate with tops the list.

Outsourcing is not a single shot requirement in most of the cases; it is a long-term association. For it to succeed, good communication and most importantly trust are vital. Getting associated with the right outsourcing partner is the very first step. Read ahead to know about common concerns businesses have when it comes to contracting out their requirements.

business process outsourcing (bpo) services in India


It is crucial to make sure that the vendor is trustworthy. Doing a background check of your potential service provider is always advisable. Check the history of company and inquire how long they have been into outsourcing. Also try to get a glance on client testimonials, financial stability and similar details.


You want the services to be of apex quality and it’s obvious. Look into the references availed by the concerned vendor or else ask for a free trial. Most of the vendors will happily offer free trails. By this, you can get an idea of the quality client provides. Relevant certifications from independent unbiased rating agencies can be considered with reverence for enjoying maximum outsourcing advantages.


The underlying reason for outsourcing in case of most of the global businesses is the pricing factor. Therefore, it is very important for you to be aware of total life-cycle service cost.  You should discuss well in advance regarding different hidden costs involved such as for training, transition, infrastructure and maintenance etc.


The vendor you choose for business process outsourcing to India must take the privacy of your confidential data very seriously. There should be two levels of assurance in regard of security. Firstly infrastructure security must be ensured; data encryption, CCTV cameras, firewalls and access controls etc. must be there. Secondly human resource security should be facilitated through NDA agreements signing and pre-recruitment background checks.


Strong client references can be relied upon. Deadlines are of immense significance in the dynamic world of stiff competition. Delaying means loosing opportunities and you can’t afford that. You should set well-defined deadlines in the agreement and makes sure to set realistic and achievable ones.


You should check the resourcefulness of the prospective business process outsourcing companies in consideration. Select a vendor having enough cross-trained workforces and employee buffer potentials. The company should be having reserved resource and capacity to upscale if needed.

Outsourcing risks

Like anything else, outsourcing too can have some unknown risks. Analyse different risks involved and be equipped with a proper backup plan. For minimising the risks, shake hands with only a service provider with the right disaster recovery and risk alleviation plans.


Before you sign the contract make the vendor agree to all the transparency demands you have, especially in regard of financial dealings and processes. Even in case of processes, most of the professional vendors avail a fair level of transparency.

Legal compliances

Generally, the outsourcing company may not be acquainted with the statuary laws, rules and regulations of your country. However, the law violations can be troublesome. So, you must choose a company that knows and agrees to abide by all such laws of client’s country jurisdiction. This encompasses entire aspects related to privacy breach rules, working conditions of employees and environmental concerns.

Cultural compatibility

It is reasonable to accept the fact that the vendor’s culture will not completely match with that of yours. But still certain level of similarities must be there for assuring smooth progression of the ethical outsourcing business relationship.

If you are in the quest of reliable offshore outsourcing services, be very careful with the selection process. There are a lot of outsourcing companies in India but not all of them offer professional services. The above detailed criteria should definitely be taken into consideration for making the right strategic choice.