We here at PGBS believe that no matter how much skilled the workforce is unless they are backed by the best technologies, perfection will lack; people will not perform to the fullest of their potential.  Therefore, we have invigorated the people with us by making them available most sophisticated and advanced photo editing software. Thus we are able to provide our customers with exceptional class of photoshop services. Underlying is the main software used at PGBS. There are in fact a lot more but below detailed is the most prominent one.

image editing software

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop CS6 is one of the most popular offerings from Adobe for image processing and we make the best use of it. The software program offers great editing tools, workflow enhancements, improved productivity and other amazing capabilities. It is one of the favorites for our team owing to the remarkable and expansive options it avails.

Some of the notable features offered are streamlined interface, quick selection, smart filters, HDR support (improved 32-bit), progressive composing,  B/W conversions, peak performance, enriched raw image processing, improved vanishing point and upgraded adobe bridge. For those vector images that can’t be rasterized, for representing them, we make use of pen tool. With Pen tool, you can change the image size and its quality can be retained intact. For selecting an area on an image on the basis of color, Magic Wand tool is used. This is very helpful for selectively choosing a section having a particular color and working on it without creating any effect on the other areas of photographs.

Our team uses the latest version of Adobe Photoshop for a wide variety of purposes- starting from the provision of real estate photo post-processing to image enhancement, raw images conversion, photo restoration, clipping path photo manipulation etc. We make use of all these features in a professional and planned manner to deliver apex quality outcomes to our customers. We are adept at working with all versions of Photoshop and people in our company are trained in the same. Our team stays in line with the latest trends and changing customer expectation.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Plugins

In our photo editing company, we use latest plugins of Photoshop CS6 to deliver impeccable image manipulation services to our customers.

  • LightMachine: Light adjustments needed in photos are done with the help of Lightmachine. Features like, virtual lighting, highlights, shadows and correction based on colors is helpful even in case of extremely complicated corrections.
  • ColorWasher: This tool can be used for correcting washed out, underexposed and worn pictures. Most companies offering professional image editing services make optimal use of this tool.
  • PTLens: For correcting vignetting, chromatic abnormality, lens pincushion, barrel and perspective distortion, PTLens is highly effectual.

Image Stitching Software

PTGui Pro

Photo stitching is facilitated by PTGui Pro software. Using this, we can readilysew upseveral rows of pictures. Besides, we can produce spherical, cylindrical and partial panoramas.

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