It is imperative that call centers must take care of certain sides of their business to assure that they retain their dominance in the market. Each and every call counts; only if proper strategies are adopted, positive results can be achieved. Here, we bring to you some tips for the same.

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Be flexible with the shift models

It is obvious that the call arrival patterns and numbers keep on varying. However the starting time, breaks and closing time etc. are most of the time kept fixed. This can in fact result in understaffing or overstaffing. So, transforming from fixed to flexible models can help immensely both in case of inbound and outbound call center services.

Gauge the shrinkage and act accordingly

Shrinkage can really be a grave issue when you have more resources. If you have 30 resources with 10 minutes of shrinkage per resource, it means that overall you are encountering a shrinkage of 5 hours per day. This is where flexible shift modeling can help.

See to it that schedule adherence is taken care of

Once optimized schedules are determined, agents must stay adhered to it. Time wastage and improper unavailability can turn out to be troublesome. Breaks should be taken on time only. You should educate the resources in your team about the relevance of schedule adherence. Also provide incentives to those who follow the instructions adequately.

Cross-train your agents

This is really an effective method to increase the productivity of you inbound and outbound call center service providing company. At the time of selecting the staff itself, make sure that the people have great potential to perform multiple tasks. Also cross train them to make them capable and expert in handling multiple skills. This will drastically reduce the number of resources needed.