A lot of companies are offering XBRL tagging services these days and everyone claims to offer the best. They lay down innumerable reasons to justify their claim. This can cause confusion and it’s quite challenging for you to zero in at the best company on which you can impose your trust. Underlying factors if checked properly can help you in arriving at the right decision.

XBRL Tagging Service Providers

Tips for selecting XBRL service provider

Track record

In most of the cases, a company with proven track record can be trusted. They will be adept in offering services with great level of quality and accuracy using the best available technologies, no matter how much huge the volume is.

Reserving capacity

An ideal company should have enough resources to handle any size of the project. They should have a team ready to ensure that the work is completed on time without compromise on quality. Right number of professionals should be hired and adequately trained. No one can create expert resources overnight.

Quality Assurance

The XBRL conversion services company that you hire should see to it that the quality is always assured without fail. There should be a separate team dedicated solely for that. The company should be able to exhibit a tiered process for quality review with distinct visuals, processes as well as accounting checks. The quality management system used must be perfect and effective in all facets.

Modification works

It is mandatory that the service provider accepts the demands for unlimited regular modifications and completes the tasks as needed within the shortest turnaround time.

Data security

When you outsource your XBRL filing services related requirements, you are exposing a lot of confidential data to the service provider. So, it is vital to ensure that the concerned company has recognized data security management systems in delivery centers. Also, they should unhesitatingly sign the relevant legal documents that ensure the safety of your data.


There is a cost for everything but you have to see to it that the company is charging you genuinely. Do a comparison and always analyze the value offered for the amount paid. Check for different packages available as well.

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