Knowing how to speak a particular language helps you to talk with utmost level of confidence. The glitch in the situation arises when you need to speak a completely different language and there is absolutely no escaping.

language interpretation services

Before understanding the advantages let us see what is language interpretation services.

What is language interpretation?

Language interpretation refers to the real-time conversion of speech from one language to the other. This service is mainly delivered by a professional interpreter. Language interpretation can be performed in multiple ways; you may seek assistance through video or over the phone. An interpreter may remain personally present to deliver service in real time. This service is absolutely necessary if you are dealing with stakeholders who speak in languages other than your native language.

Without the language interpretation what are the problems faced by call center agents.

The prime problem faced by the employees

Customer service executives often encounter this problem. Interpreting and interacting in a language that they are awfully foreign to is obviously infeasible. This impacts the level of their performance in an undesirable manner. Recently a report released by ICMI with adequate facts and figures revealed that multilingual call centers were indeed better performers than monolinguals in the market.

Benefits of adding language interpretation services to the call center

Companies offering customer support typically focus on increasing the number of calls, efficiency and ultimately the annual revenues. The above cited report provided clear evidence in respect of increase in at least one agent KPI post the addition of an extra language interpretation services. These KPIs that were affected as a result of this included First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time and quality.

Multilingual customer services and support result in augmented production and efficiency that consequently shows in the form of increased profits in the annual statements of accounts.

Some of the most noted upsides are:

  1. Low costs and lesser man force

This software, if used eliminates the need of employing translation experts or a different set of employees for every different language; thereby, reducing costs to a large extent.

  1. Make best use of your workforce’s potential

On assistance of the language interrelation tool, the call center services will greatly improve in quality as the agents would now be able to outstrip each one of your callers. Don’t limit your company’s potential.

  1. Expand the horizon for them:

Multilingual call center services will increase the showground for the employees of your company to perform. By exploiting this software, you will be able to escalate the functioning of your company and your areas of dealing too.

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