PGBS has been offering 3D modeling services for many years now and has supported clients worldwide. With a team of expert 3D modelers and designers, we have handled various projects and helped numerous clients meet their business objectives.

The technical expertise we hold at PGBS includes:

  • 3D Modeling

    We create 3D models based on the ideas submitted to us. It involves creating a three-dimensional representation of the object or structure with the help of computer graphics.

  • Rigging

    We rig the characters before modeling. In this process, we create an overall structure or skeleton for the 3D models so they can move.

  • Skinning

    Here, we bind the 3D mesh to the skeleton we have created in the rigging process. The joints in the skeleton will influence the model vertices and can control their movement.

  • Mesh Cleanup

    It is nearly impossible to create 3D models without any flaws. However, with the mesh cleanup process, we can eliminate the flaws that may be either visual or structural.

  • Texturing

    In 3D texturing, we apply images to the models. This will help in adding colors and details to the three-dimensional models.

  • Lighting

    Lighting can have a substantial impact on the visual representation. Thus, we add appropriate lighting by combing various light sources to bring out the best features of the models.

  • Compositing

    In this step, we bring together all the 3D elements and also add additional adjustments, layers, images, etc. to create a well-integrated model composition.

  • Animation & Visual Effects

    We animate the model to make it move and add visual effects to it. For this, we may change the model’s location, rotation, scale, or even deform it.

  • 3D Printing Design

    In this process, we create 3D print models that can be used for 3D printing.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Advanced software and tools
  • Data security
  • 100% Quality assurance
  • Qualified 3D modelers and artists
  • 24/7customer support
  • On-time project delivery
  • Fastest turnaround time

Industries we support

A variety of industry verticals are benefit from us. It includes

  • Real Estate & Interior design
  • Gaming
  • eCommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Publishing
  • Product manufacturing
  • Fashion

By employing our 3D modeling services, you can rest assured that your project will be handled with accuracy and perfection. With our in-depth knowledge and technical expertise, we can turn your ideas into realistic 3D models. So, quickly outsource your project needs to us and gain maximum benefits for your business.

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