Customer services are important for any business. In this era of globalization customers may be located in any part of the world and being able to communicate in their native language is a great plus in ensuring satisfaction and retention. Having an in-house customer service call center may appear to be a good solution but is neither efficient nor cost effective. The best way to serve global customers is to outsource services to bilingual call center India companies.

bilingual customer support

India has several advantages when it comes to outsourced call center services such as

  • A well developed infrastructure in terms of hardware, software and broadband internet
  • A huge, literate manpower source, fluent in English and other languages such as Spanish and French
  • A well established tradition of professional service and superior technological skills
  • Low pricing and time zone advantage.

Call centers in India have been established for well over a decade mainly serving English speaking countries. In recent times there is an increasing trend to go in for multilingual or bilingual call center India based to deliver superior services to companies with a footprint in non-English speaking locations. Spanish and French are the most widely spoken languages after English. Even for the US and Canada businesses where multi-ethnic customers are abound, bilingual call centers India based companies have proved to be the perfect solution looking to deliver professional over the phone support services. The benefits of bilingual call center India based companies are:

  • Speaking with a customer in his native language instantly develops empathy between the agent and the caller leading to better understanding, trust and resolution of an issue. This leads to better efficiencies, business continuity, customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Greater possibilities of reaching out to a global audience
  • No risk of losing a customer or wasted calls because of language barriers
  • Significant contribution to a company’s image.

Typically, a professional offshore bilingual call center provider in India operates 24×7, 365 days a year.

Call center talent in India, despite offering bilingual services, costs remain affordable. Whatever cost increase is there is offset by increased reach, better satisfaction levels, greater volumes and market penetration.

Outsourcing call center services is advantageous from any perspective and when you do choose a service provider, pick bilingual call center India based one for maximum ROI.