The Client – A Renowned Interior Expert

Our client is a reputed interior designer who operates from Melbourne, Australia. He commands impressive expertise and long experience in interior designing and enhancing. Over the years, he has been catering to the demands of clients needing functional and livable interiors complementing unique lifestyles.

Requirements of the Project

Complete plan of the interior was provided by the client in the SketchUp 3d model. His requirement was to get the interior designed in 3D CAD model in adherence to the specifications given. Additionally, the client required us to convert 2D drawings to 3D and provide the completed work in .DWG format. The 2D package was related to conceptual drawings and floor plan. We were asked to incorporate the supplied details in the construction plan with needful enhancements in elevations and floor map. Within a span of 2 days, our team had to deliver 8 – 10 models with 4 dedicated floor plans in every project.

Challenges Experienced

Like every project, this project too put forward some hindrances on the way. The primary challenge experienced by us involved proper deciphering of 2D drawings wherein the specifications were noted by hand. The 3D models had to be visualized based on them. The old floor plans had faded making it difficult for us to accurately figure out the demarcating lines and proper dimensions. The elevations had to be fixed. Moreover, the client was running short of time.

Our Process Approach

The first step we took was to sort out the best people amongst the professional with us who could do the job with pace and perfection. We assigned a dedicated team to take care of the 3d modeling. Proper priority was assigned to different requirements. Our team had a number of brainstorming sessions wherein in-depth understanding of the client’s needs was developed for finalizing deliverables.

After minutely observing each file, the elevation was fixed and the scan of every file was taken. The image was accordingly scaled for developing the draft. Next, 3D CAD model was developed in black and white. The finalized outputs were sent to the client for ease of use.


PGBS proficient team was successful in surmounting the challenges posed by the project. We leveraged our expertise to ensure that the assignment was completed within the stipulated 48 hours. The client was impressed by our expeditious approach and accuracy which resulted in PGBS bagging a larger contract from the same client. He even referred us to many of his business associates.

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