One of the leading general insurance service providers in the US has been able to spread out the operations of its offshore outsourcing services center in India and improve the levels of customer satisfaction after associating with PGBS for business support and continuity.

The Client

The client is one of the most reputed and leading insurers in the world with a strong presence in over 64 different countries across the world. The client is also a member of a business conglomerate whose primary business is financial and accounting services.

The Requirements

In a business that is defined by the very interaction that happens between a business and its customers, outages can cause a lot of damage and pose a serious threat to the very existence of the business. The downtime can prove to be fatal and the business was not in a liberty to afford such outages.

In order to ensure the continuity of the business, the client was in search of a reliable, established and professional local service provider with the required infrastructure to support the client in times of outages.

Though the client had a DR facility in the US that they continued to use, the client was in full aware of the expense involved in moving the workforce to the US from India in the event of an outage in its captive centre in India and that it is not viable in long-term. As a result, the company carried out extensive research to identify a local vendor from Bangalore who can act as a DR Service provider and provide business continuity to its already successful captive center in Bangalore, India.

The decision was a strategic one, as selecting a different city for its expansion would attract costs that would have been unnecessary.

The Challenges

In meeting the requirements of the client, two challenges were identified;

  • To provide all the disaster recovery services required by the client as it was needed to support a large number of global customers of the client from different part of the world.
  • To have the entire necessary technological infrastructure, human resource and processes and systems in place to effortlessly transit all the routine activities of the offshore captive center of the client with least possible interruption to the daily operations of the same without compromising the high standards of service deliverance.


After studying client requirement, we developed a proper business continuity disaster recovery plan and assigned the best people to carry out the task.

Continuous development and training

One of the most important aspects of business continuity services is the human resource that interacts with the customers. PGBS invests in its human resource for training and developing them to meet the changing requirements of the client effectively. PGBS also has in place strategic programs to meet the challenging needs of various DR processes.

Adequate technology and infrastructure

Having an exceptionally trained human resource without the right infrastructure backup is as good as having no human resource at all. We have an exceptional infrastructure in place to support the clients such as

  • High-speed data connectivity
  • Trained and experienced technical crew
  • Quality systems in place to ensure quality compliance
  • Adequate computers and robust server services

With the above-said qualities, we ensured a smooth and hassle-free transition from India operations of the client to our center for disaster recovery.


The client was able to address several potential business operational risks and PGBS was able to deliver exceptional services with impeccably consistent levels of efficiency and quality.

Over the years we have grown as one of the most trusted disaster recovery service providers. Contact us, if you are in quest of a dependable and highly professional business process outsourcing company.