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Things to include in your disaster recovery plan

Your IT infrastructure is prone to cyber theft, virus attacks, malware and threats from all corners of the cyberspace. Apart from cyber threats, natural disasters too, pose a potential threat to your system. It is essential to plan your disaster recovery strategy well in advance. From backing up your contacts to storing your files in [...]

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Strategies to be successful with your outbound calling

In the grand scheme of things that you do to make your call center business succeed, implementing the right strategies and action plans that specifically address problems is extremely important. You may be doing them, but incorrectly. The following insights are given so that you can introspect about your business, if you are doing the [...]

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Will your business actually need virtual assistance services?

For good reasons we are of the opinion that every investment a business makes should be sensible.Unfortunately even many budding businesses take unwise steps and shed massive amount of dollars on futile investments. When it comes to virtual assistance services, it obviously is a choice that offers you comfort. But does this means that you [...]

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