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Types of eBook readers you should know

E-books have been in the market for a long time now. You can download a variety of eBook readers for reading these soft copies of books. Over the years, eBook readers have gained a lot of sophistication. The users can opt for a variety of eBook readers today, with device-specific features for optimum readability. People [...]

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XML Conversion Services in India

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, a format compatible with all the platforms. It is being leveraged by various organizations that are using XML to convert data to other formats. It is easy to convert large volumes of data to the desired format using XML.

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Guide to migrate from flash courses to HTML5

The concept of eLearning is progressively gathering the interest of the masses. As it is easy to access, offers a comfortable experience, is tailor-made for you and is not as expensive as classroom learning, it is being preferred. Until recently, Adobe Flash was the preferred tool for creating such courses. Now, HTML5 is a welcome [...]

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How to choose between eBook apps, enhanced eBooks and eBooks?

Storytelling in the digitized format comes across various presentations. You might land up in a dilemma when you are given three options- normal basic electronic books, enhanced eBooks and apps. Well, each of these formats have their merits and demerits, and an informed individual can pick the right one. Irrespective of the format, these books [...]

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