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Differentiate between Image Clipping Path and Image Masking

The most debatable topic among photo editors is the difference between clipping path as well as image masking. Both techniques are used to remove the background from the images; hence there is a thin line between the two, but with a significant impact on the output. When we say a massive impact on the [...]

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Important Tips to Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

The size of your pictures plays a very crucial role in the performance of your website. If your photos are not appropriately sized, they can harm your sales and decrease your website performance. Reducing the size of your photos without affecting the image quality is possible in Photoshop. In addition, there are numerous free [...]

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Importance of Image Enhancement for E-Commerce Businesses

Businesses use high-quality images in their marketing campaigns and this is a crucial aspect as people who purchase products online typically rely on product visuals while making a purchase decision. Product images that are professionally edited and fine-tuned are able to create a strong impact on the target customers who may ultimately decide to [...]

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Easy Guide to Edit Newborn Baby Photos in Photoshop

If you are a beginner in retouching baby photos and has no clue on how to soften skin, lighten skin and smoothing skin in Photoshop this step by step tutorial will be useful for you. Read ahead and Photoshop the baby pictures in a professional manner. Editing Photos of Newborn Babies Adobe Photoshop is a [...]

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10 Wedding Photography Editing Styles that You Need to be Aware Of

Wedding photography demands meticulousness and attention to detail. This is the reason why you, as a photographer or a photo editor should try to understand some of the vital aspects of wedding photography editing in order to make sure that you get extraordinary outcomes that would create wow effects. There are key wedding photography [...]

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What is a Floor Plan and Some of Design Mistakes to Avoid

Floor plan drawings are very helpful when it comes to designing an architectural structure. People tend to give more importance to the designing aspects while neglecting the some of the common house plans rule. However, we often forget that both of them are correlated. An architectural property can be constructed effectively when a proper [...]

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14 Basic Photography Editing Tips & Techniques for Beginners

The outcomes of modern-day photography are actually their refined versions that are generated through basic or high-end photo editing tips and techniques. Today’s photographers use diverse editing techniques to add beauty to their photos and to modify them in the way they want. These adjustments can be made either through on-site camera adjustments or [...]

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10 Actionable Tips on How to Stage Your Home for Better Sales

Home staging is the best possible method to market a home effectively. Real estate agents often find it a tough task to make a house look attractive and sell it to customers. Customers purchase a house only after careful scrutiny these days. In the competitive market saturated with umpteen players, standing out from the [...]

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Using Photoshop Background Eraser Tool To Remove Backdrop

If you want to eliminate an image’s background or part of it in Photoshop, you have a stellar tool at your service - Photoshop background eraser. This tool blends the functionalities of Eraser and Quick Selection tools. The color at brush’s center is sampled by background eraser tool. Once you start dragging the tool [...]

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13 Types of Commonly Used Image File Formats

If you are in any way related to photography, you must be interested in knowing the difference between diverse image file types. Well, a number of image file formats like JPG, TIFF, PNG, among others, are widely used in photography. These image file formats have their own attributes, advantages, and disadvantages. You should know [...]

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Removing an Image Background Using Photoshop & GIMP

Removing image background is a common job that is associated with the work of every graphic designer and photo editor. However, getting the background removed from an image can be often tedious if the object you are trying to get rid of has complex edges or if the background is increasingly intricate. Besides, there [...]

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Reason why photo retouching agency provides PSD layers

Many people who initially found photography as a rewarding pastime now are ready to take the professional way. Most of them however don’t have enough time to sit and go through the tiring process of image editing. This trend is the major reason for the emergence of various photo retouching services providers that you [...]

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Creating Panoramic HDR Images Using Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom CC is the latest addition to the vast range of photo management tools of Adobe. With the latest software available to photo editors, the scope of photo enhancement has enhanced further. This tool has two new features, which were being highly requested by the users.  The Photo Merge feature brings panorama capabilities [...]

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Clipping path techniques to modify digital art: How it works

Photoshop clipping path can be used to alter the beauty of a simple image by tracing objects. Images that are suffering from high contrast backgrounds require post processing to improve the poor lighting. Using the lasso tool, clouds, sky and other effects within an image that is subjective to post processing can be selected. [...]

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5 Tips for retouching mature skin in Photoshop

Adobe’s image editing and enhancing software, Photoshop has gone a long way in creating splendid photographs thanks to its high-end retouching capabilities. Retouching mature skin requires some expertise and it is enlightened through an instructive description of image retouching in Photoshop tutorial below. Face retouching - Before And After [...]

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7 Steps Photo Retouching Guide – Simple Yet Effective

Professional photo retouching service providers offer excellent results that are hard for amateurs to assure. There are certain rules to be followed while retouching photos because if the detail is lacking then the picture is worthless. This 7 step guide containing relevant tips and techniques can be highly instructive. Crop out irrelevant edges Crop [...]

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5 tips for getting the perfect wedding album

You feel relaxed, excited and happy as your wedding celebrations went great. Everyone appreciated your dress, loved the food and enjoyed the gala. Now, you got a call from the wedding photographer asking for suggestions to design your wedding album. So, do you have any idea or recommendations? Well! Read ahead. There are many [...]

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Dont’s of digital photo retouching

Photo retouching may really be unavoidable in many situations and there are several free online tutorials and software available over web which you may try for digital image editing Else you can also outsource to any of the professionals providing this service in India. Photo retouching mistakes Below [...]

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