Disaster recovery services are a predetermined set of processes offered by a third-party vendor to help an enterprise develop and ensure business continuity. There are large complexities in recovering business processes hence it is important to have a prior plan in place which ensures that you are protected if and when a disaster occurs. PGBS helps you in disaster recovery services regardless of the complexity involved in recovery.

PGBS specializes in delivering disaster recovery services for small businesses as well as large enterprises, enabling them to remain live and continue their communication and operations even amidst disasters. Our disaster recovery solutions are perfectly tailored to address the unique needs of different types of businesses operating in diverse industries. We develop customized disaster recovery solutions to address unique scenarios, thereby helping businesses to overcome the damaging impacts of critical disasters. We are definitely one of the most reliable disaster recovery vendors that you would come across with. We operate from multiple locations with each location being equipped with advanced infrastructure that supports service delivery with levels of professionalism, security, and accuracy.

Disaster Recovery Services

Business continuity services

PGBS disaster management and recovery services

We offer comprehensive services when it comes to disaster management and recovery. Key provisions we provide are

  • Disaster recovery at site level: This is applicable in a situation that is characterized by the availability of more seats for a running process that is not being used by the concerned process for which it is reserved and is unavailable for other vital processes as well.
  • Disaster recovery owing to geographical reasons: We carry out geography disaster recovery services which can range from country level to state or even site level based on the requirements as specified by the client.
  • Cold disaster recovery: This type of recovery plan includes a secondary functioning center. In an event of any issue paving way for the closing down of a call center, we will assist you to shift your operations to the secondary center. You can easily get the computers set up and WAN link readdressed.
  • Warm disaster recovery: In this plan, computers setting up along with cabling and furniture are included. When any sort of emergency is encountered, needed applications can easily be installed and WAN link can be redirected within 24 hours.
  • Hot disaster recovery: It is the costliest and at the same time, most preferred one. This is the online center available for the agents to get in if any emergency situation occurs. Hot disaster recovery plans include two centers in two different cities with a lot of additional features so as accommodate more in case of needs. When you opt for hot disaster recovery, even when one call center needs to be closed, operations will not be affected in any manner as the agents can swiftly be transported to the other center where you can redirect the traffic.

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Disaster recovery services in India

At PGBS, the DRM varies according to the type of disaster faced by a client. Therefore, we aim to remove those unpredictable factors that threaten their ability to provide uninterrupted services. We first thoroughly understand the requirements and then provide a business continuity plan which ensures that the disasters don’t have much effect on the clients as well as their customers.

For this, we follow certain control measures which can be used in the recovery of data. It includes the detection and prevention of disaster from cropping up. However, if the event takes place somehow, then we aim at helping the system to correct or restore the required data.

Our solutions provides you with certain plan for data prevention. Here backups are made at regular intervals to on-site disk and copied to off-site disk in a robotic manner which make easy access for data retrival.

Other than recovery systems and services, our solutions also implement precautionary measures with the objective of preventing a disaster. This includes local mirrors or data and use of the advanced disk protection technology such as RAID surge protectors which minimize the effect of power flow on delicate electronic equipment use of an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) or backup generator to keep systems going in the event of a power failure fire prevention systems such as alarms and fire extinguishers anti-virus software and other security measures.

Situations such as natural calamities, technical snags, software hang-ups and unforeseen interruptions are difficult to control. A cost-benefit analysis often dictates which solutions are implemented during these times and our experienced Indian team can assist you in this regard.

We, also provide offsite solutions for small business wherein you can use our state of the art facility to house your staff in times of disaster. Outsourcing your business continuity services needs to a reliable vendor like us in India will ensure that your business does not come to a standstill.

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I found your service to be highly professional and thorough. You have met my expectations and I would seek your customer service assistance again.
Joe Philip, business owner, US.
I was lucky to have been able to delegate my customer service operations to you on time. This allowed me to maintain business continuity even when the hurricane struck in.
Rodney Ellis, business owner, US.
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