The pictures you use in an eCommerce store must be capable to impress your target audience. No matter whatever exceptional features your products have, unless they are complemented by proper snaps, the result you get may not be satisfactory.

Before getting to know how image clipping services can help in perfectly displaying your products in the online store, there are certain matters that you should understand.

ecommerce image editing

Most of the ecommerce websites have three types of product images- thumbnails, medium size images and zoomed views.

Thumbnails – These are small pictures usually appearing within the product search results and category listings. This is clicked by users for selecting a product or viewing the full size image.

Medium size images – These product photos get displayed typically on the product pages and provide a better view of the products.

Zoomed images– This is perhaps the most important type of snap as it provides close up views. Detailed information about the products are obtained through zoomed images.

An ideal product photograph

As in any other niche, competition is stiff in ecommerce also and you should never compromise on any aspect, especially in case of the product images.

An ideal product photograph should adhere to the following rules:

  • The size of different types of pictures in your shopping cart should be optimal. It depends totally on your layout.
  • The brightness of the snap should complement the product qualities.
  • If possible, display individual products without any background, wherever possible.
  • Sometimes, the thumbnail image looks great but when it is clicked, the larger image seems to be the enlarged version of thumbnail. It should not happen and adequate resolution must be there.
  • Maintain consistency in regard of backgrounds and angles from which the product snaps are shot. Else comparison becomes difficult for customers.
  • Make sure that the photograph is in focus.

Making possible the aforementioned is feasible with many image manipulating options including photo clipping services. It can help in the creation of product silhouettes. Clipping is one among the best techniques as it bestows you with total control over the photograph regarding the areas that you want to retain or remove. Thus you can remove background, correct colour and drop shadow with clipping technique.

In a nutshell, the role played by product snaps in an eCommerce website is immensely significant. If you want your eCommerce business to succeed, this fact has to be respected and proper measures must be adopted to assure product photograph quality. Using techniques like photo clipping services can be really helpful in this.

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