An average person receives around 120 emails per day. That adds up to a massive number of about 45000 emails per year. While this indicates that email marketing is a great way to reach a large audience in a more efficient manner, it is also a reminder that you are not the only player here. It’s a prompt, a prompt to up your game in order to stand out and stay ahead of the others. With so many contenders and the numbers still growing each day, you want to get every detail right to get your emails noticed by your addressees.

Like what an atom is to matter, it’s the small things that add up to become the bigger things that count, especially in email marketing. To get the bigger picture as desired, we need to right the wrong from the basics. Making changes to what may seem trivial, is going to create the big bang that you need!

All this talk about the small things brings us to the email template design. This is rock bottom. Here are a few things that will help set straight all things wrong with your email template design to give you visible results.

  1. Responsive Email Template: Responsive Email Template- these three words should be essential to every email. Mobile devices fit best with today’s fast-paced lifestyle and studies show that more than half the numbers of email users open their emails on such devices. This emphasizes the need for a design that adapts to the device it is being read on, hence a responsive email template design. An email that doesn’t fit the screen is a huge letdown and can end your marketing even before it starts. Those who understand their tech know that changing from a non-responsive business email template to a responsive design is pretty simple. It is as easy as converting those absolute numbers of the width, height, and pixels to percentages.
  2. Pre-header and Header Size: Sometimes a good marketing technique is as easy as having a good pre-header for your emails. The pre-header is also called the Johnson Box. It works like a pointer to give the user an idea before opening the mail. This plays a crucial role in deciding whether to view it or ignore it. Generally, they are the first line of the email that follows. Having a meaningful pre-header means increased open rates, more click-throughs, and reduced spam complaints. An ideal header would be less than 150 pixels and a model Johnson Box would be of the dimensions of 400×300 pixels. This ensures that the focus of the viewer is where it’s supposed to be.
  3. Case of the Text and Click Baits: An all caps text gives the message a loud tone and this is not well accepted. Uppercase is used to highlight a specific text and therefore must be used only to emphasize something in particular. Spam words that act as click baits are a complete no!  It is associated with distasteful marketing methods to lure customers. The use of unnecessary all-caps text and spam words affects the way in which your brand is viewed and tarnishes its identity.
  4. Color Palette: Color is a powerful tool to appeal; email advertisement design colors for email templates are very crucial. Studies on consumer behavior have revealed that colors can significantly influence. For example, the color red is said to instill a sense of urgency in a consumer. The use of a lot of vibrant colors causes confusion and takes away focus from the required areas. The job of the color is to create uniformity and accentuate sections that need more attention. Therefore, when picking out a color palette various factors must be considered. Through these colors, you decide how you want to be perceived and people will associate your brand with the colors you choose.
  5. Font: Expert font designers recommend Georgia and Verdana as the best fonts for an email template. Something as effortless as changing the font can have effects to a colossal degree. Any font won’t do, there are some that you need to stay away from when creating your email template design. For that upper hand, something as minute a detail as a font must be paid attention to.
  6. Embedded Videos: They simply do not serve the purpose and may even divert the audience from the intended call to action response. Embedded videos force the user to go to a different webpage to view them, this is not a sought-after experience. To get two birds with one shot you can create an image to redirect it to your landing page and also track how many people clicked on it and how many visited your page. It has the added benefit of interaction such as leaving a comment or asking a question, and not just the views. This is what experts availing creative design services for emails recommend.
  7. Images: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if your consumer has disabled the option of viewing images on their device? A significant number of users, as much as about 43 percent, prefer to read their emails without turning the images on. If you have put in a lot of effort into that image, unfortunately, it is only going to do half the job.
  8. Too Many Choices: If you thought of indulging your audience by displaying an array of choices is a great marketing technique, then you have got it all wrong. Simply because this does not help to indulge them rather confuse them. Too many elements take away elegance. There is only so much you can expect one to focus on, so keep it to the point to increase those conversion rates.
  9. Browser Version: Not providing a browser version of your template means losing out on a large number of potential consumers. As simple as providing a link to the browser version can increase the exposure your marketing receives. This will help retain them to view it even if they face any loading issues in the email. Testing it before it gets out there can help you create a better user experience.
  10. Unsubscribe Option: This may not be a desirable initiative, but it must be available to the viewer. This would save your email from the spam pool and keep your reputation to deliver intact. In fact, putting the unsubscribe option is one of the most vital email newsletter design tips that many even today ignore.

It does not end with changes made to the professional email template design. There are a few other small steps you can take to optimize the way you market through emails to increase those numbers. One of them is to personalize your emails. Include your brand name, a valid address and your recipient’s name in the appropriate fields to give the viewers a sense of worth. It implies that they matter to you and value their engagement. With a little time, they are willing to spare, do not try to narrate a story.

Keep it clear and precise in order to catch their attention and encourage interaction. Hyperlinks are the way to go to cater to interested consumers who wish to come back to know more. Keep it interesting in the small frame you have got so as to win them over to follow the links you offer. Play safe! Test it out with all the major email clients. Choose an email service provider with templates that work well with all.

Now your emails are ready to hit send!