Nook device is hot favourite with readers passionate about e-books. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) comes in the way of readers who wish to enjoy the books on other devices. Book format that is consistent with nook layout is ePub as it offers convenient reading even on smaller screens.

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The compatibility of ePub format books with nook fixed layout has thrown endless opportunities for book lovers. This is because of the reason that over two million free eBooks are available in public domain. Further, if a particular book not freely available captures your interest, you can download free sample of literally every book before opting to shell out money for it.

Further with the aid of an app, freely downloadable, you can discover the books floating online.

Free sites for nook books

There is a profusion of sites that make available books consistent with nook fixed layout. These books can be downloaded freely and then can be synced across the entire array of devices that you possess. Nook app services make it convenient to read the books on the go even on Android systems. Numerous service providers make available catalogues that enlist the free books available in the ecosystem. This offers you the comfort of landing on the relevant pages to cut short the browsing time and spice up your reading experience.

Nook store and other eBook service providers occasionally come up with offers for readers wherein a paid one is made available for reading free of cost. You can land on Project Gutenberg’s site to lay hand on the treasure trove of numerous classic eBooks in ePub format for free.

Other sites that are hugely popular are ‘Smashwords’,’ The Internet Archive’, ‘Open Library’, ‘BookRix’, ‘Feedbooks’,’Manybooks’ etc. Other sites like ‘Goodbooks’ have limited number of eBooks in the free catalogue, but the choicest books have been collected under one roof painstakingly for your reading pleasure.

These service providers offer the stellar service of converting extant books in pdf or other formats into books that are compatible with the fixed layout of nook device. Enjoy reading and explore the coffer of eBooks online.

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