Home staging is the best possible method to market a home effectively. Real estate agents often find it a tough task to make a house look attractive and sell it to customers. Customers purchase a house only after careful scrutiny these days. In the competitive market saturated with umpteen players, standing out from the rest demands careful planning and meticulously chalked out marketing strategies. This is where the benefits of home staging come to the fore. Creative home staging ideas can bring in higher number sales at exorbitant rates. It is an undisputable fact that staged houses take on an impression of charm different from the rest in the market. Allow your house to dazzle its way into the hearts of potential buyers with these crucial tips.

Make the house attractive

As the famous adage goes, the first impression is the best impression. It is always crucial to make an indelible initial impression in a customer’s mind. Several customers jump to conclusions at first sight. So, never fail to prepare in advance. Make a few changes here and there without hesitation. Minor ones might go away long at making a lasting impression in the minds of onlookers. Start with the grass outside. Mow it and shape those unruly leaves of plants outside. Cut down a few trees if you feel like doing it. Spruce up the garden with new flowering plants from town. Garden chairs could lend the yard a pleasing look. Clean up the walkway and repair those fading walls of the house with a new paint.

Modern House

Modern Attractive House

Seek professional assistance

When you plan a massive repair session, it is a better idea to hire professional hands. The services of photographers, gardeners and landscape designers could come in handy. Even if you employ the most expensive paint, attractive flowers and a modern camera, the lack of professionalism in their use could prove harmful. So, don’t take risks and allow professionals to handle these departments.

Expert Architects

Seek Professional Help To Redesign

Bring in ample light

A well-illuminated house looks more attractive than dark ones. So, ensure that all rooms in a house are provided with ample sources of light. Both natural and artificial sources could be used to achieve the end. If you want to bring in a classy touch, get a few expensive chandeliers or open the curtains a little more and allow natural light to flow in. The importance of lighting is somewhat psychological. According to studies, people prefer to lead happy lives inside well-lit abodes. Feelings of warmth are associated with a pleasant looking bright room. Make sure that your house is photographed on a sunny day before handing over photos to potential buyers. A pall of gloom encircles houses photographed on cloudy days, it is said. This is one of the most significant home staging tips as lights avail a feel of spaciousness and positivity.

House Interior

Home Interior With Lights

Get rid of personal belongings

Potential buyers would prefer houses that are empty. According to psychology, empty spaces appear inviting. So, when a customer enters a home, he/she must feel that space is meant for them. If they spot your personal belongings there, the intimate connection might fail to materialize. In short, they prefer spaces that look like hotel rooms. Imagine your family photos and dresses hung everywhere. Wouldn’t it feel like someone else’s dwelling? Also, the removal of personal items has other advantages too. A better idea of the space inside each room could be given to visitors. Let them visualize the room as their own and think about creative ideas to transform it into personal spaces. Do not allow your belongings to distract them.

Remove Personal Household Items

Remove Personal Household Items

Keep bathrooms and kitchen clean

Kitchens have personal connections with women. They spend most of their time inside kitchens and arrange utensils, crockery items and other types of equipment in order. Hygiene plays a key role in making a kitchen attractive. The same goes for bathrooms too. Mental pictures of untidy and filthy kitchens might make a woman throw up. Also, a personal connection with these spaces could be felt by customers. This means that kitchens and bathrooms should not look like spaces used by someone else. Cleanliness is something that all professional home staging companies emphasize on.

bathroom interior

Modern Bathroom Interior

Revamp the interior

Many houses will have several old and outdated appliances and furniture. These items would make your interiors look old and unattractive. The idea is to make the rooms look fresh, welcoming and ready to occupy. If you are on a shoestring budget, the implementation of major changes would become difficult. However, the good news is that substantial and obvious changes could be brought about without splurging money.

Instead of using paints of multiple colors, stick to one color in all parts of the house. This is also what experts offering virtual staging solutions recommend. It could bring in uniformity which itself acts as an innovation many people wouldn’t dare to try out. If this can make your house stand out, you are the winner. Multi-purpose rooms may not evoke the desired response in customers. Instead, it is beneficial to stage your rooms as prayer room, office room, kids play area etc.

House interior redesign ideas

Revamp The House Interior

Showcase the storage potential

The house must be presented as something with enormous storage space. This factor draws customers more.  People have many items to store. Women have a keen eye for spacious storage rooms. So, display your comfortable and enormous storage rooms in the best possible manner. Houses get sold for the sole reason, according to recent studies. Garages and balconies are ideal places to provide storage spaces.

Kitchen Interior

Spacious Kitchen Design

Arrange furniture with care

A home’s value increases when the available furniture is cleverly utilized. Staging furniture, in fact, plays a special role here. A room has a focal point and furniture must be placed accordingly. Take extra care to prevent furniture from becoming impediments. They should not obstruct free movements. So, do not place them near frequently used rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Also, keep furniture away from bedroom windows because visitors would love to take in some fresh air and enjoy the view from those windows. Less number of bedroom furniture is ideal to make room for spacious beds. An area meant for communication should be preserved inside living rooms too. Careful distribution of furniture across the room may score brownie points.

staging furniture

Clean Furniture Staging

Put furniture to clever use

Potential customers are usually interested in houses that appear welcoming. An open looking house doubles its attractiveness. Home Staging is the most effective when this factor is successfully achieved. Just take a closer look at your house for sale. Do take a stroll through the house and observe things. If those baseboards aren’t clearly visible, understand that your house is congested with too many furniture pieces. This cluttered look would eventually make your house appear tiny.

Maybe, your house is not that big in reality. But, this weakness should not have to be exposed in front of customers. There are methods to make the house look large. It is true that you cannot do it physically. However, an optimal illusion can be created which adds visual square feats to your small dwelling places. Repositioning of furniture pays rich dividends in this aspect. Through the process, you can successfully distract the viewer’s attention from the house’s weakness and turn the limelight on strengths.

staging ideas

Home Furnitures

If your house still has those damaged and faded out furniture pieces, it is time to throw them away and bring in new ones. Pieces that are light-weight and light-colored are ideal. These items give the customer an impression of a neglected home, which acts an instant turn-off. He/she may falsely believe that other parts of the house are also equally neglected. So, don’t give the impression of a house in shambles.

If you are interested, virtual staging can be tried online to understand the way your refurnished drawing room would appear. Never leave large gaps between two furniture pieces as it obstructs intimate conversations between family members. Also, it lends the room a bare look. The distance between the two chairs should not be more than eight feet. Don’t push furniture close to walls. If their backs aren’t ugly, there is no reason to conceal them from public view. Sources of light should not be blocked with furniture. Let the natural light flow freely into the rooms. Sofas must be placed away from windows. Allow light to make the room a livable one.

You can take a final call on the symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement of furniture in a room. Keep in mind the impression you aim to create. Symmetrical arrangements carry a formal air and look tailor-made for formal gatherings. Meanwhile, an asymmetrical arrangement embodies disorderliness in the positive sense. Every human being wants space and time to unwind. So, these arrangements go well with informal rooms. When similar looking sofas face each other with a coffee table in the middle, a perfect informal atmosphere would be born.

Tread the green path

Going natural is the order of the day. Nowadays, it is a style statement to plan a habitat which incorporates nature also. Modern houses with solar batteries and meticulously planned garbage disposal units win over new age customers. In addition, embellish the house with indoor plants and natural flowers. Choose flowers that prefer shades and display longer shelf life like houseplants. Give nature a free hand inside your rooms in the form of creepers on windows and water plants in bottles.

Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

Professional home stagers sell houses these days without much effort from homeowners. However, these tips could aid homeowners who run on tight budgets.  Follow these tips and avoid costly house design mistakes to get instant responses from potential buyers without worrying about the home staging cost.

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