Most of us don’t think twice before clicking the ‘Subscribe to the newsletter’ button, while visiting a website. This website might belong to your favorite company or any organization you care about. But, the story may take a new turn few months down the line. You will find your email’s inbox crowded with unnecessary emails from the company. With the phenomenon in full-swing, your interest to follow those people would suffer a severe blow.

As you don’t have the time or curiosity to plough through any of these junk mails, you will seriously feel like clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Imagine the scenario happening during those e-mail campaigns you do with passion and a lot of expectations? It is enough to push you down into the deep dungeons of depression.


How to design a successful newsletter?

Here, we give you a few important tips to turn your e-mail marketing campaign more captivating and impressive. The introduction of eye-catchy newsletter design is the first and foremost aspect that deserves your attention.

  1. Select the apt tool 

    email newsletter software

    Select best newsletter software

    Think of methods to distribute the newsletter before you start the whole thing. Campaign Monitor, Square Space and MailChimp are some of that software to make email marketing services easier. List management, templating become simpler with the best tools. Sending bulk emails may be viewed as spamming attempts. Best tools take care of these technical aspects also. Some of them provide analytical tools that can be used to measure the success or failure of your campaign. Campaign Monitor’s World View offers a satisfying experience where you can see millions of your campaign emails being opened in computers or other gadgets all over the world.

  2. Know your audience 

    Target Audience

    Target Audience

    This is what any professional offering email marketing services would advise you first. Many businesses use marketing emails to reach out to their customers. You will have a multitude of aims. Maybe you want to notify customers about those valuable services you provide or those discounts you are planning to offer during a festival season. In order to make these communications effective, you must make an effort to know your audience. They have opted to receive your newsletters by clicking the subscribe button. So, they should be your first priority. Keep their interests, tastes, and dislikes while crafting newsletters. Imagine the way you would speak to them in person. Don’t be under the impression that newsletters are something different from interpersonal communication. They are in fact another way initiating a friendly conversation with your customers. So, let it be the casual and warm digital replica of a real-life friendly talk. Such newsletters would be perceived as easy to read and quick to decipher.

  3. Pick the right format 

    newsletter format

    Newsletter format

    Now; it is time to decide on the external appearance of your business newsletter. Think about the way you are going to construct it.

    An email newsletter design can be built in several ways. While proceeding with the plan, you need to consider many factors.

    Think about the type of email clients you would like to support.

    Are you planning to provide an option to view in the web browser?

    Will it support mobile devices?

    What is the visible difference while viewing it on mobiles and computer screens?

    If you wish to arrive at the right decisions, go through other newsletters and derive an overall idea. Give a serious thought about those unique and attractive newsletters. Try to imitate its positive features while crafting the newsletter for your audience.

  4. Provide section headings 

    newsletter titles

    Even though newsletter titles and headings are crucial, understanding them requires special skill. These aspects might give you a hard time. Think about those attention-grabbing aspects in a newsletter you had seen in the past. Maybe an interesting article kept you hooked back then. When it comes to section headings don’t go complicated or too ornamental. Majority of the digital audience perceive simpler things better.  Today, nobody spares time to interpret complicated texts in any manner.

  5. Ensure the header 

    newlstter header design

    A properly branded header is unavoidable in email marketing, no matter what your product, service, subject or event is. It is important as it appears on each and every newsletter you send to customers. So, spend some time and make it right after enough thought process. Your brand name and logo appear on every newsletter format and that play a pivotal role in conveying your identity to customers in a short span of time. If the values of the brand are put across through visual images, an instant emotional connection and response can be elicited in the customer. Wouldn’t it be rewarding if customers accept your email as a gift and not like a menace?

  6. Make a good footer 

    newsletter footer design

    The footer is a crucial feature of every newsletter. However, you don’t have to resort to over the top designs. A design appears complete only if a suitable footer is present. It is equally important as a header. The footer is part of the news letter’s identity and brings in sales. Contact details and other information that allow a customer to keep in touch with you are essential. When a customer wishes to share the newsletter with friends and relatives, a well-organized footer is what they look for. Also, do not forget to provide the link to unsubscribe there. Some marketers believe that customers shouldn’t be given an easy way out. They exclude the unsubscribe button or keep it hidden somewhere. Remember that customers don’t appreciate such attempts. If they find it difficult to unsubscribe a newsletter, a negative feeling is likely to arise out of the scenario. After all, it is more satisfying to learn the number of customers who prefer to stay on the list willingly. What is the point in forcing someone to stay back by hook and crook? Also, they will mark you as spam which could do further damage.

  7. Make designs mobile friendly 

    responsive email newsletter design

    Smartphones draw in heavy traffic these days as everyone owns one. This is much more than desktops and laptops. The Internet has become cheap and people spend hours each day scrolling through social media sites and Google pages. So, it is important to shift to templates that are mobile friendly. Being desktop friendly alone is not considered a positive thing anymore. An approach that gives preference to a news letter’s mobile appearance strikes gold these days. The page should load well and appear readable on the small screen. Designs that include single columns and comparatively larger fonts are advisable.

  8. Employ a well-arranged layout 

    arranged layout

    The attention span of online users is extremely short and they don’t stay at a page for very long. The constant temptation to click another link or page is insurmountable in today’s web space crowded with umpteen sites and options. So, how do you prevent the attention of a customer from wavering? Well, it is a tough task, but not impossible. The usage of a neatly organized newsletter layout helps a lot. Uncluttered layouts where all elements are arranged neatly hold the attention of potential customers successfully, according to surveys. Make a general sketch of the news letter’s layout in advance and start the process of filling it with essential content elements, while rectifying its defects.

  9. Avoid lengthy texts 

    don't use long text

    This aspect is also related to the ever-dwindling attention spans of netizens. Nowadays, every person receives loads of newsletters in their email inboxes on a daily basis. Many of these are categorized as junk emails and hurled into trash boxes. In short, the company behind the mail failed to achieve its mission. It is heart-breaking for marketers, especially after spending days and painstakingly designing the newsletter. Have you ever thought about the reason behind this customer behavior? In most cases, the customer finds it tough to read the entire essay. Some of them might read a few sentences and give up altogether. In both cases, those customers had missed the crux of the newsletter. The modern world’s compulsions and time constraints don’t offer them enough time to read it thoroughly. In the scenario, the only way is to put the text in short sentences and convey the matter right away. Also, don’t send the same email repeatedly which may annoy the customer. If your copywriter fails to take care of text, even the graphic design companies would not be able to help you.

  10. Establish a visual hierarchy 

    visual elementsThe creation of sense utilizing important elements is essential. Customers should find it easy to derive value from the newsletter. Various elements like color, shapes, size, contrast, and position should be arranged accordingly. Only such design principles foray into readers’ minds. This is to effectively communicate the importance of certain elements when compared to the rest. It goes without saying that customers are expected to focus on these important elements. Colors and different types of fonts could be employed to convey a sense of importance efficiently. The hierarchy enhances an overall mood of orderliness also. So, don’t neglect visual hierarchy as it’s something really crucial.

  11. Value good colors & white space  

    use best color combinations

    Many colors are associated with certain emotions and smart marketers know that. For example, pink stands for love and red stands for caution. Newsletters must employ carefully chosen colors to convey the message appropriately. Remember that colors in the newsletter speak volumes about your brand and its identity. In addition, the wise utilization of white space allows customers to convert a large piece of information into small ones and understand them effectively. Stuffing the available space with different elements won’t help the customer. White space allows breathing space and creates a bigger impact.

  12. Select good fonts & images 

    use attractive images

    Carefully chosen fonts reduce the difficulty of readers. When it comes to images, nobody is asking you to fill the page with unnecessary images. The inclusion of appropriate images in the absence of meaningful text may put across the message promptly. But, these images must be hand-picked. However, images shouldn’t constitute the entire space. Avoid chances of your email getting mistaken as spam. Readability and visual grace matter the most.

  13. Use videos, infographics, GIFs 

    Multimedia elements

    GIFs, videos, and infographics are increasingly becoming part of modern-day newsletters. If used within limits and strategically, all these elements are capable of creating the desired impact. Relevant GIFs must be selected. According to recent surveys, infographics prompt more customers to click the button that asks customers to take action. So, make sure that your customized newsletter design makes the best use of such elements.

  14. Call for signups, feedbacks 

    CTA button

    Spread the word about your newsletter through popular social media platforms. The newsletter’s sign up page can be taken to the maximum number of customers through the exercise. Social events, competitions, exhibitions are great methods to go about it. If you call for feedback from customers, it would be a new experience for them. Newsletters are usually perceived as the medium for one-way communication. This image can be altered and greater customer engagement is ensured by actually following them. The approach would help build a personal connection with them and many of them might turn into loyal customers which is exactly what you need.

  15. Cross-check the newsletter 

    check for errors

    Even if you rely on the best company offering email newsletter design services, it’s your responsibility to check it properly in all possible ways. The newsletter should be thoroughly checked before sending it out to customers. Why don’t you send it to your own email address? This will enable you to view it from a customer’s perspective. Try to open it from different browsers, mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes and look for errors. Never fail to perform this step before proceeding further. Send your customers informative and valuable newsletters. Take extra care to save them from disappointment. Remember, all efforts done with passion and plan will be valued and produce desired results in the long-run.

  16. Create an irresistible call to action 

    Call to action buttons

    Last but not least; a call to action is the ultimate necessity of any newsletter. If your customers go through the newsletter and refuse to take any action, the whole exercise would go awry. The call to action button should be visible as well as convenient to use. Use simple text that inspires the prospects to take actions in your favor soon.

If the above detailed tips along with right newsletter ideas are implemented properly, results will definitely be great. Well! Need any help designing your newsletter? Reach out to us and we as a experienced graphic designing company in India would assure excellence in all ways possible with our affordable newsletter design services.

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