Digital publications are expeditiously substituting printed books. Smarter authors and publishers have already apprehended this fact and they are all triggered towards making the most of it. Electronic versions or eBooks have nowadays become too common especially because of the flooding of market place with e-readers and other handheld devices.

Some of the most popular formats of e-books include EPUB, TXT, PRC, AZV, MOBI, ODF, HTML and PDF. As one of the best eBook conversion service providers, at many instances we recommend PDF conversion for writers approaching us because of many reasons. Below are few important among them.

importance of PDF conversion


You can open PDF on almost all platforms and devices. For any writer, the actual aim is to make his book reachable and accessible to maximum possible readers. When there are infinite options available online, no one will be forbearing to a format which they fail to open. So, with these services done by experts, you can avail your readers a hassle-free and comfortable reading experience. As it is a universal format, readers can easily distribute it.


With PDF conversion, size can be reduced significantly. This process can be done swiftly and for perfection hire the best service provider. A word file with 100 MB size gets reduced to 10MB when converted to PDF. Even in cases when there are lots of large size images, there are still effective means to shrink the document.


Sometimes there may be a need to edit the work even when eBook to PDF conversion is done. Removing, revising or adding pages is quite easy when you are assisted by a professional service provider. There are even many free as well as paid tools available that can help you.


Safeguarding their work is many times a serious concern for writers. With PDFs, this issue gets alleviated as they can password protect their documents. Any illegal use of the work is prevented and also the writers can specifically grant access to a certain restricted group, if needed.

Above all, this format is highly functional and versatile. Readers can easily search the book and zoom in and out whenever needed. Also printing is smooth and quick with this.

We being one of the famed names in eBook conversion industry find pleasure in sharing what we know. Keep reading to know more about PDF conversion services and also we would heartily appreciate your inputs to serve our readers and customers better.