Photo retouching may really be unavoidable in many situations and there are several free online tutorials and software available over web which you may try for digital image editing Else you can also outsource to any of the professionals providing this service in India.

Photo Retouching services

Photo retouching mistakes

Below lies some of the things you should avoid when doing photo retouching

There is nothing like quick fix skin solutions

Perfection is not achieved in flashes of seconds and this is the very first thing you should understand. It takes time, effort and expertise. This holds true in case of photo retouching also. Skin correcting has to be done in a controlled and involved manner; this can be achieved by dogging and carefully burning pixels and then pixel groups. It is in fact not going to take minutes but hours. And if you think you can speed up things, what the end result would be is a plastic lifeless skin. A professional company offering photo retouching services never does that.

Human subject beautification may be disastrous

Aggressive beautifying through photo retouching can land you in imperfection. Human subjects will have some features that are to be retained or what the output you get after image retouching can ruin the whole thing. When you get a human subject image to work on, identify the story it tells and assure that the same is conveyed also from the final image. Also recognizing a birthmark is vital and it should not be considered as a blemish. This demands huge level of professionalism from a typical outsourcing company providing these services in India.

Be patient- Don’t renovate the complete image simultaneously

Concentrating entirely on an area will never help you in meeting perfection. Invest enough effort and time in analysing section by section and detect the background marks, dust spots, flyaway hairs etc. When it’s a human subject never neglect the cloths and all other elements of the image.

If you stay away from the above unprofessional conduct, you will surely be getting awesome outputs.