Most publishing houses have illustrators in-house. There are also authors who want to do things by themselves. However, professional assistance is imperative to assure that the book sells well; this fact has to be accepted.  Cartoonish illustrations have always been a magnetizing force. It has made many book confined characters to pop out and intrude into the minds of readers and stay there forever.

Childern book illustration tips

If you scrutinize world famous kids’ books, the success it has achieved attributes not just to the author but also to the illustrator. It is the perfect association between the two that paved way for the grand success. “Matilda”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and many more will coagulate the said.  Underlying tips for children’s book illustrator can be of great help for you.

Make the characters immortal and memorable

When you look upon some of the iconic characters, the contribution made by illustrators can be very evident. Franklin the turtle, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and super heroes including Batman and Superman are few of those characters that had some sort of convincing elements in them to stay memorable. Young readers accepted them joyously and they are still remembered with a feel of nostalgia. So, if you are planning to illustrate characters, study psychology of children first and include features that they will appreciate. This is the first thing to keep in mind for children’s book illustrations character design.

Visual appeal is mandatory

In case of kids’ book, you need not have to exclusively focus on the logic. Starting from the book cover to the last binding page, the designs must be a pleasure for the eyes. Those who are yet to learn reading rely completely on the illustrations and hence to keep the attention without distracting, colours should be used reasonably. When you read out a book to them, it’s the illustrations that help them in getting ideas.  A king part of the young readers love bright colours but never overdo it; this is one of the most significant colorful illustration tips. Beyond a level, colours may seem spitefully forceful. Visual appeal is important to speed up the process of learning and hence you must ensure that the illustration is remarkably appealing.

The illustrations should provide narrative support

You should never consider illustrations as merely attractive pictures adding life to the pages. These are in fact the visual aids that narrates the story to readers. A person should be able to get at least a concise idea about the storyline even without reading a word. Always keep this in mind.  Conceptualized images will only help children to perceive the text written and relate it to different characters of the story.  Companies offering children’s book illustrations services get a precise idea of complete story line before they start drawing. This is the right thing to do.

Having rich experience in the niche of illustration services provision, we testify that these tips for children’s book illustrator can be very handy. Else if you want us to do the job, let us know. It would be a pleasure to help