The trend of outsourcing is gaining more popularity and preference. Businesses are relying on expert external assistance to contract out even their main business activities to ensure the enhancement of core vital functionalities. We at PGBS have best plans in place for keeping our IT infrastructure absolutely secured via proven processes and tools.

Exceptional security skills and years of experience as a prominent call center services provider qualify us enough to ensure not just the efficiency but also the security of complete outsourcing arrangements.  We detect security vulnerabilities and in fact transform them into strengths.

We understand the inevitability of call center security

The matrix of our security includes coherent solutions leveraged by exploiting in-depth industry knowledge. Besides, they are customized specifically to suit your unique needs. Our all-inclusive security systems put together entire security components as well as business systems to come up with a cost-effective and steadfast approach.

KMS, email systems and employee portals are points of potential vulnerability of any enterprise. We provide excellent solutions to meet exclusive business challenges in availing all the employees with a mobile and secure access to the information of company.

There are a wide variety of portable admixed computing and communiqué devices that offer security along with great comfort and flexibility for employees working remotely thus elevating the productivity and assuring cost-competitiveness.

For those companies planning and executing outsourcing partnerships, we provide significant call center outsourcing services. We deal will all potential security threats at the setting up and contractual phase which include authorization, authentication, access control, integrity, identification and confidentiality.

We also monitor security implications of outsourcing partnership during contractual period. This encompasses audit, accountability as well as detection of intrusions besides identifying response to approaches through triage, recuperation, dependability and putting into practice corrective steps.

Call center security life cycle at PGBS

The basic need to ensure security of call center these days is a sound security architecture that is designed, created, verified and deployed in line with the specific and stringent security requirements.  ProGlobalBusinessSolutions has its own unique call center security checklist.

We follow a holistic approach and avail extensive solutions, services and management tools to meet your requirements.

We plan

  • Recognition and evaluation of assets
  • Assessment of threats and risks
  • Architecture of security
  • Policies of security
  • Tools for security

We install

  • Scrutiny of susceptibility
  • Hardening of OS
  • Employment of security architecture, tools and policy

We manage

  • Proactive observations
  • Handling of incidents
  • Security squad
  • Updates and patches related to vulnerability

We review

  • Assessment of vulnerability
  • Review of security architecture
  • Review of call center security policy
  • Infiltration testing

Infrastructure for call center security at PGBS encompasses

  • CISCO PIC firewall
  • Veritas Backup suite
  • Protected VPN communication supported by 3DES
  • Virus prevention & heal will MacAfee
  • Spam filter options
  • Biometric access controlled physical assess
  • Network based on VLAN
  • Filtering application for URL
  • Layer 3 access lists based data access
  • User level logging of access to Internet
  • Storage based on server and centralized
  • Agent’s desktop don’t have internet or mail access
  • Local machine has no access of data storage
  • Desktop access based on profiles
  • User authentication based access policy of file system

We have proactive security assurance program incorporated in entire facets and thus we are able to:

  • Minimize the downtime owing to any sorts of security attacks
  • Take security steps and make crucial management related decisions on real time.
  • Avoid or lessen complete propagation of security attacks.
  • Capture needed internal data for auditing security as well as regulatory adherence.

Thus we ensure that no issues occur to your brand value. Your customer loyalty level is retained, company’s intellectual properties are safeguarded and productivity of employees is elevated.

PGBS avail multi-vendor assistance for prominent business and security products. We proceed with a collaborative approach; i.e. we design, choose, implement and administer the appropriate security based on your precise business needs while retaining agility of business and efficiency of employees.

If you have any call center security questions, feel free to contact.