It should be of no surprise when it comes to the importance of professional business video editing services from a reputed company that can drastically change your overall outcomes. Our corporate video editors have extensive experience in producing engaging videos which can attract your target audience.

PGBS is a reliable offshore corporate video editing service provider that enables videographers and businesses to strategically showcase their corporate identity through business videos. We have many years of experience creating video content for B2B and B2C companies.

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Our Corporate Video Editing Services Include

  • Product Demos

    We can create a complete product demo video that helps in increasing your brand awareness among the target audience. Our video editors will work on your raw footage and turn it into a strategic and informative outcome using amazing graphics and voiceovers.

  • Branding videos

    A branding video is completely focused on marketing content that is sponsored to share your brand values to the public. We help you creatively advertise your brand with our video editing expertise in and tell stories that people want to know about your brand.

  • Conference or Exhibition Video Editing

    Want to present your innovative idea at a conference? Our professional team of editors will spark your viewers’ interest in your corporate videos as we would apply the right editing techniques.

  • Training and Interview Videos

    Training and interview videos are the new face of corporate training sessions. With our interview video editing service important video sessions can be turned into a fun and engaging experience for employees.

  • Client Testimonial Videos

    Do you want to make your customers feel more confident? Try using our video testimonial editing services to enhance the testimonials provided by your happy clients. And we will play our part by adding a touch of creativity and professionalism to improve the overall appeal of your videos.

  • Company Profile Video Editing

    Start your company’s vision and mission with a professional video. We can assist you in creating an emotional connection with your customers by making it easier for them to get to know who you are. This way, they’ll feel more satisfied knowing that the human behind the brand and its vision is just as important as their needs are.

  • Instructional Video Editing

    Do you want to make an instructional video that educates the viewers? We can take your script and footage and add a magical touch to create a highly engaging experience with our experienced editors.

  • Whiteboard Video Creation

    We make it easy to create professional videos with our whiteboard video creation services. We can turn your cluttered footage into a captivating whiteboard animation that increases impact and conversions.

  • Marketing/Sales Videos

    Become a marketing powerhouse with our professional video editing support. Our quality video editing service is geared towards making your brand look professional and trustworthy, which would give you the competitive edge over other companies in the industry.

  • Recruitment Videos

    Let us help make sure that every potential future employee can see what makes your company great by editing your professional footage for maximum impact. Showcase your office premises and explain your company culture, and we’ll create interview and recruitment videos accordingly.

  • Screencasts Editing

    Do you want to convert your screencasts into a great video? You don’t have to do it alone. Our video editors can help you with that! We’ll convert any old or boring footage from an event or meeting into polished professional-looking content within a reasonable time at a reasonable price with our professional video editing services.

  • Explainer Video Creation

    It is an absolute necessity to build your online reputation if you have a product. What better way than to create an explainer video that instructs people how your product solves the problem and how valuable it is to have one. Our editors and graphic designers are experts at creating explainer videos that explain the key benefits of your product within 2 minutes. You have 3 seconds to impress your viewers, so leverage our services to create amazing visuals that are accessible to a wide audience.

  • Vlog Video Editing

    Are you looking to enhance your raw vlog clip into a professional footage? Our talented editors use the right tools to edit your vlog videos at affordable rates.

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Why Should you Outsource Corporate Video Editing Services to PGBS?

Global customers endorse our corporate video editing company for the quality of services that we have provided so far. We make sure that our video editing services offer engaging videos which will tell your brand story with high confidence.

We understand the file format and deliver great quality videos in smaller sizes as we are one of the best corporate video editing companies out there. We are also updated with the latest editing tools and follow a dedicated process to complete the projects within the stipulated time. Starting from video cropping, trimming, color grading, stabilization, composition, etc., we offer complete video post-production services support for all types of videos.

  • Flexible Pricing Packages
    We are flexible with budget and project scope, and we never compromise on video quality. We offer a wide range of tailored rates according to the project that you need help with, which means that we have an option for every unique requirement.
  • Short Turnaround Time
    Our team of corporate video editors is well versed in completing the project within a scheduled time. The turnaround time depends on the project complexity and the duration of footage provided.
  • Quality Checks
    This is a meticulous process that takes many hours of work and skill. That’s why we perform quality checks at every stage to ensure that guidelines are met, and the client’s requirements are reviewed continually until completion.
  • Data Security
    Our data security measures are safe, and we take it very seriously. Our advanced data sharing methods ensure the privacy of all our clients.

Client Testimonials

Being in the corporate world, having events or launch parties every now and then is more like a routine, but the only constraint was we were unable to share the news of our meetups and essential details with our prospects due to the unprofessional photoshoots.

With a few suggestions, we found ProGlobalBusinessSolutions to resolve our Corporate Event Video Editing Requirements…and now we are sorted!

Thanks to the creative minds at PGBS!

Vice President , Smartphone Developer Company, California, USA

Well done, we are truly inspired by the way they handle even the toughest ones. The tem is efficient and they are just superb. We have been very much satisfied with them for our transformation of the corporate videos.

Highly recommended!

VP, Event organizing company , London, UK
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