PGBS specializes in creating photorealistic 3d renders that are appealing, accurate and serve the exact purpose it is intended to perform. Having an experienced professional resource with unparalleled expertise, we are committed to delivering the supreme class of 3D rendering services as per your precise specifications.

At PGBS, we make an available rendering for all sizes and types of projects. Let it be a small residential project or a large commercial hub or corporate space, professionals with us can create amazing renders. We offer a wide array of CGI services that are exceptionally beneficial for our clients.

3D rendering services in India

Interior design rendering

Our portfolio encompasses a varied range of projects and we have associated with various reputed firms working on construction designs. Professionals with us see to it that the finished project looks professional, crisp and absolutely photorealistic.

Various services from us in regard of rendering includes

  1. Architectural Visualization Services

    Being a reputed 3D rendering company, we make sure to add maximum value to our clients’ projects by customizing high-quality visuals that can benefit their firm.  The various architectural 3D rendering solutions we offer are:

    • 3D Interior Rendering
      We can design highly engaging and inspiring 3D interior spaces for the clients by comprehending their needs regarding the architectural plan, furnishing, lighting, décor, etc.
    • 3D Exterior Rendering
      We bring the client’s project to life through our 3D exterior renders by including various peripheral objects like people, roads, cars, fences, trees, and environmental conditions.
    • 3D Floor Plans Rendering
      Through our high-quality 3D floor plans rendering services, we can enable clients to have a much better look at the property and determine the true potential of the space.
    • 3D Walkthrough Animations
      We are experts at crafting the most appealing architectural 3D walkthrough animations that enable potential buyers to virtually tour the property even before it is constructed.
  1. Product Visualization Services

    We have a team of highly skilled artists who create the best visual prototypes for the clients’ products to support them with their branding, marketing, and pre-visualization activities. Our wide range of 3D product rendering services mainly includes:

    • Electronic Product Rendering
      We can create exceptionally appealing product 3D renders for a variety of electronic items such as laptops, computers, smartphones, refrigerators, kitchen accessories, etc.
    • Automotive Product Rendering
      Our artists are skilled in designing a variety of automobile products like cars, bikes, etc. as well as their mechanical components such as motor, engine, brakes, and more.
    • e-commerce Product Rendering
      We employ cutting edge technology and tools to create photorealistic renderings for various e-commerce products like accessories, clothes, cosmetics, and many more.

Some of the main partners in the list of our association include designers, architects, retailers, contractors, builders, and realtors etc.; the list keeps on growing continually. We start by understanding your exact needs and following that we work using advanced software to create picture-perfect renders. Along with the buildings, we create nearby surroundings, landscapes and textures for bestowing the design attractiveness and maximum realistic feel.

Our 3D rendering Process

Contact PGBS
Once you contacted us via email or phone, our support team will contact you and understand the project requirements.
Upload Files
You can upload your drawings, rough sketch and any additional information you have.
Analyse files
We will check the uploaded files and ask for any other further information if required. This will help us to avoid rework of the project.
We will start the project immediately through our experienced 3d artists.
Sample Output
We will finish the project and send you the rough draft of 3d rendering for your review. We will make the adjustments if required.
Final Output
You will receive the completed final 3d rendering with high quality lighting, textures etc...

Advantages of outsourcing 3d rendering services to PGBS

The benefits you on shaking hands with us are seamless as we follow the best practices. Few of the top ones are enumerated below for a quick glance.

  • Proper planning before initiating the project.
  • Highly experienced professionals with the proven track record in varied 3D domains.
  • Top quality custom 3d models for various purposes
  • Apex quality maintained while keeping the services pricing genuine and affordable.
  • Completely customized renders based on your exact requirements and preferences.
  • Flexible working style and clauses to keep you comfortable.
  • The minimum time is taken for completion with quality.
  • Whole data and processes are kept secure and private.
  • Regular communication with 24/7 customer support availability.

Here, at PGBS our focus is to make you available with most qualitative photorealistic 3d rendering services. Our 3d models are life-like and accurate in every aspect.

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Let all your 3D rendering requirements—ranging from animations to visualizations, walkthroughs to flythroughs and interactive rendering requirements—take shape in our exceptional 3D rendering services that can provide you with just about everything you need.