PGBS helps to increase the customer base and provide maximum customer satisfaction by providing bilingual and multilingual call center services through our experienced call center agents who are able to speak your customer’s language.

What is a multilingual call center service?

Customer support that is offered in multiple global languages by the assigned contact center is referred to as multilingual call center service. The purpose of these call centers is to ensure that businesses remain accessible to diverse cultures by providing support in region-specific languages.

List of Languages we Provide Support in our Multilingual Call Center

We among the professional multilingual call centers in India provides customer support in various languages including European languages such as

  • Swedish (Svenska)
  • Malay (Bahasa Melayu)
  • Swiss (Schweizerisch)
  • Finnish (Suomalainen)
  • Danish (Dansk)
  • Lithuanian (Lietuvių)
  • Estonian (Eesti keel)
  • Latvian (Latviešu valoda)
  • Turkish (Türk)
  • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)
  • Czech (čeština)
  • Bulgarian (български)
  • Korean (한국어)

Are you looking for any other specific language which we did not list above? Ask Us Now.

We provide multilingual customer support for

multilingual social media support

Social Media Support

multilingual telemarketing support

Telemarketing Support

Our outsourcing service delivery partner centers in Philippines also help us in providing your customers with their desired language support at cost-effective pricing.

At PGBS, we understand the complexity and diverse needs your business requires in serving a global customer. Our expert’s diverse experience in multilingual niche and educational background creates a collective pool of talents who are always ready to answer all your multilingual calls 24/7 on your behalf, maintaining any protocol as per your organization’s policy.

In our bilingual call center, we are focused to give you quality tailor-made call center services to meet your specific business needs with the most competitive prices if you are targeting customers from specific part of the world.

Who can avail our Multilingual Call Answering Services?

We offer efficient call answering services to meet the evolving needs of any type of business regardless of the size and the work it does.

  • Small Business: We provide flexible small business call answering solutions that handle the calls in a professional manner as requested by the clients at cost-competitive rates.
  • Large Business: For large businesses, our call answering services mainly focus on improving the efficiency of the staffs while reducing human resource costs.
  • Startups: For startups, we ensure to answer all the calls while transferring important calls directly to you. This allows clients to focus more on building core competencies and revenues.
  • Entrepreneurs: Our services can help entrepreneurs by offering 24/7 availability for receiving calls, updating status, scheduling appointments, taking orders, etc.


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Benefits of outsourcing to our multilingual call center

The challenge for all companies is to find new customer-centric native language solutions in India to stay ahead of the competition by offering an extended range of languages and at the same time while keeping cost reasonable. We have a considerable number of expert call center agents, also referred to as contact center agents, who are proficient in foreign languages other than English and can deliver world-class 24-hour customer service to your clients.

Our call center that specializes in delivering after-hours answering service helps to boost your business across the globe by cutting the cost of expensive operations. We provide multi-channel customer support and omnichannel customer support in order to make sure that your customers from across the globe are heard and supported on time. Some of the major benefits are

  • Professionally Interacting Call Center Agents: Bilingual call center agents deployed by us know call center best practices and possess the strategic blend of communicational skill, experience, in-depth understanding of services, and technical awareness. We offer customized services and reasonable pricing, thereby allowing customers with varied budgets to benefit from our services.
  • Comprehensive Technical Support: Our analytics and market temperament evaluation tools are sophisticated which provide us with the needed insights to help you gain a competitive edge. We quickly adapt to the changing demands of the profession and cover the entire niche market for clients. Our call center representatives and offer remote call monitoring for added advantage.
  • Extensive Experience: We at PGBS believe in delivering the best multilingual customer support vendors a level of service that they can use to expand the outreach of their businesses. Our contact center services provide quality assurance to our customers, promising that we would meet their quality expectations. We are experienced enough to deliver as per our clients’ expectations.
  • Round the clock Support: Our 24/7 answering services can be leveraged by clients all-round the year. This implies that your customers’ queries would be handled even during vacations or on weekends uninterruptedly. We aim to deliver detailed information to our clients whenever they want and we have also created a dedicated call center FAQs section for quick support.
  • Advanced and Contemporary Technology: At PGBS, we have always used the latest and advanced data and voice communication systems, which rely on high speed and high bandwidth internet connection. This facilitates us to offer swift and dependable services throughout the year while allowing our customers to benefit from a service that’s hassle-free, professional, and efficient.
  • Best in Class Services: We offer superlative customer support services by following a proven quality assurance process inspired by internationally accepted standards. We put a strong focus on call center security and we have stringent data security policies in place, which ensure that our clients’ trade secrets and confidential information are always safe in our hands.
  • Optimum Customer Satisfaction: We offer extensive training to enhance the specialized communicational skills of our inbound support agents. Customers’ problems are attended to on a priority basis and queries are answered without delay. This assures the best experience to customers whose increasing satisfaction index helps you to retain them and enhance their loyalties towards your company.
  • Cost competitive service: With the cost-efficient support of PGBS, you can reduce the expenditure on customer care significantly. This would impact your business bottom line favorably. We design customized packages for every client, ensuring that they pay for exactly what they look for. We aim for a smooth transition process throughout the entire project lifecycle, ensuring a smoother process flow.

Industries we support include

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customer support that is delivered in a customer’s native language is referred to as multilingual support. Today’s call centers employ multilingual staff who can communicate with customers in languages other than English while abiding by the respective country’s culture and

Well, there is no fixed number. It depends on multiple factors including the industry-type, the level of product/service sophistication, and a company’s sales process. It would also depend on whether you are engaging employees to do inbound calling or outbound calling. When low-end outbound calls are involved, as many as 15 calls per hour can be made whereas in case of high-end outbound calls, just 2 calls per hour may be accommodated. For inbound calls as well, the same theory holds good. For example, if an executive need to handle simple tasks such as resetting of passwords, he may handle 10 calls every hour. On the other hand, if he /she needs to address inquiries related to 401K mutual fund, he/she might end up handling just 2 calls per hour.

Well, this is already explained in the previous answer. This will typically depend on the type of queries that an executive needs to handle.

The call center staff appointed by PGBS can deliver customer support in 30+ international languages including German, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, etc. They can even communicate in rare languages that are used in specific geographies. We have specialists to handle communication in all major as well as rare languages across the world.

Yes. Definitely. We follow a transparent approach in all our operations. We maintain call log reports and share them with our clients on a weekly basis. We also keep every call recorded for quality-check and improvement purpose and to determine the training needs of our employees. So we can readily hand over the call recordings to our clients whenever they demand.

Data security is one of our critical policies and sincere commitments. We have a strong data security infrastructure in place, which helps us to safeguard our clients’ confidential information at all costs. We have never suffered any data breach incident, so you can remain confident about the fact that your data is always safe in our hands.

No. Certainly not. You can hire even one agent to serve your customers. We have the capacity to serve you with big teams as well. Let us know what your requirements are, and we would be happy to assign you the required number of executives.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept payments through PayPal, NetBanking, Skrill, etc.

Client Testimonials

“My organization had been expanding to offshore locations and we were interested in providing call center services for engaging with prospects in their native dialects. We were uncertain about the best firm for outsourcing call centers overseas and relied on PGBS. PGBS surpassed our expectations with best in class support, technological expedients, and efficient team.”

VP, Online eCommerce Store in Singapore

“We were actively searching for a call center company that would offer continuous support to  answer in spanish language . We had tried a few firms but the professionals’ tone and accent were not compatible with Spanish native speakers. This was taking its toll on our business’s prospects. However, PGBS bailed us out of this predicament by offering native Spanish answering agents”

Manager, Insurance Company In Malaysia

“Exceptional diverse language support provided by PGBS. Highly commendable. Thank you guys!”

Sammy Joe, Business Owner, US

“Awesome support people. I feel that your multilingual service is one of the best in the market. Keep up the good work!”

Ayesha J, UAE
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Contact us with your requirements and avail custom quote

If you are searching for a multilingual call center services providing company to provide foreign language support, look no further than PGBS. We act as your virtual answering call center for your business needs.

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