PGBS is committed to providing a remarkable class of call center support services at the most competitive call center services pricing while making sure to adhere to customers’ guidelines and timeliness. Ensuring customer satisfaction by adhering to high standards of quality at the most reasonable outsourced call center pricing is what we aim to achieve. Over these years, we have offered our services to big and small companies across the globe.

If you are looking for affordable contact center pricing models, you can rely on us. Our call center pricing models are based on fixed yet flexible rates for specific categories of services. Rates for telemarketing, technical support, advanced technical support and non-technical support etc. may vary to a significant extent as the difficulty involved and the effort demanded may vary significantly.

Other factors determining the call center pricing structure are:

  • Complexity level
  • Volume of calls
  • Agents’ skill level
  • Contract tenure

We ensure that we make every effort possible to keep entire information related to contact center services pricing accurate and updated. However, the final pricing is decided only during the order fulfillment time. We aim to serve you to the best of our capacity, helping you meet your business goals and derive a high return on your investments.

Parameters Determining Our Call Center Outsourcing Pricing Policies

The type of support that we deliver as well as the location determines our call center pricing structures. We provide inbound as well as outbound support to our clients who are located in different geographies across the globe and these are the key factors define our outsourced call center pricing rates.

Here are the details that you may want to know:

Inbound Call Center Pricing

We generally determine the pricing for inbound call center services based on the following work models:

  • Shared Inbound Model: In this model, a team of executives respond to calls for a number of clients.  Each of these clients makes payment on a per minute basis. The call center pricing per call India varies from one organization to the other.
  • Dedicated Support: In this model, a dedicated team of executives is assigned the responsibility of handling calls only for a single client.  Our call centers typically price this service on a per hour basis.  These rates differ from one country to another. We offer dedicated services to businesses that need to deal with complex applications or when they need to handle a high volume of calls that mostly bring usual enquiries.
  • Monthly Support: This model of support is a type of dedicated assistance only. The pricing is based on a monthly model and not on the hourly model.  We can support our clients with this model if they engage us for a limited period of time.

Outbound Call Center Pricing

We deliver outbound call center services based on three pricing models namely, hourly, commission, and a combination of hourly and commission structures.

  • Hourly Model: In this model, we cover the hourly rates for lead generation, outbound sales, and scheduling of appointments. We base our service pricing depending on the level of effort that we need to put. Contact us while detailing your requirements to help us suggest a personalized quote for you.
  • Commissionbased Model: Clients who sign up with us in this model are required to pay us a commission for the leads we generate or for the sales deals we close.
  • Hourly + Commission: in this model, clients are required to pay us the usual hourly rates that we determine during the project scoping stage and at the same time, they need to pay us commissions for the sales that we make. The rates will differ from project to project and we make sure to offer customized packages.


Call center outsourcing pricing depends on the location. So if you are selecting a service provider from India, you are most likely to be offered cheaper rates compared to what you will be offered by a service provider based in the US.  Being one of the most reputed service providers in India and having established processes and policies in place, we are specially positioned to deliver you the best support at the most competitive rates.

You may want to choose us because:

  • We deliver quality support at the most reasonable call center services pricing rates.
  • We have experienced executives who are smart and have language proficiency.
  • We offer diverse support such as multilingual, email support, virtual assistant support, chat support, and more.
  • We can help you enter a new market through our data analytics and CATI expertise.
  • We promise to safeguard your data and confidential information at all costs.

Looking for call center support services? Contact us today to know how we can help you. We would discuss your requirements in detail and suggest an effective action plan for you.