A wedding is one of the best things that can happen in anyone’s life. It is an auspicious occasion not just for the bride and groom but for all their loved ones. To keep any event memorable, it must be organized cleverly and strategically. Relying on the right team for photoshoots is imperative. More important is hiring the best photo editing company for wedding photo editing services.

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Wedding Photography Retouching

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If you have a great photographer with you, definitely he can capture the right moments in a most beautiful manner. But no matter how much skill he is and how high-end his camera is, there are certain limitations and unwanted intrusions beyond his control. Lighting from nature may not be supportive, uninvited elements may enter the frame and likewise, a lot of other possibilities are there which can be hindrances towards achieving perfection.

The best solution for alleviating all the said impacts of such mishaps is to get wedding image editing done by experts. PGBS has years of experience in making special moments of marriage more special by retouching the captured snaps to excellence. Make use of our unparalleled skills and see the wonderful outcomes bringing smiles.

Wedding photo editing services at PGBS

You don’t have to always get us the digital pictures. We can work on even scanned images, even distorted ones from your old printed album.

Adept in pre-wedding photo editing, our experts do everything possible to make the captured images look stunning and lively. Our wedding photography post-production procedures encompass

  • Picture Culling: A total time conserving option, the expert editors at PGBS browse through your expansive list of images and match it with the best option. Throughout the entire process, our team will bank on your choice and requirements in terms of image quality so that our efforts fall in line with your expectations. Our company can be vouched for best and advanced picture culling services in the industry.
  • Color Correction: These days there is a wide range of colors and color editing options. Be it saturation, exposure, lighting, tone or vibrancy. PGBS ensures that your images adhere to your personal style and make effective use of the colors, work overshadows or enhance the black-and-white quality of photos. We are experts when it comes to providing hair color correction services and color correction services for photographers.
  • Photo Retouching: Wedding photography have all kinds of emotions attached to it. So we at PGBS take care to see that your sweet memories are maintained a picture perfect at all levels of editing and processing. Be it removing blemishes or unwanted background or props; brightening skin tone or enhancing makeup, working on overexposed or underexposed photos – our editing team is highly skilled and expert in erasing out unwanted elements from your wedding pictures to present brilliant results.
  • Advanced Image Editing: This option totally gives value for money! With high-end editing service, we work on correcting red-eye, hiding wrinkles or blemishes, dark spots or changing background setting. Adjusting body shapes, editing portraits and removing unwanted spots on a dress are highlights of our best image editing projects
  • Wedding Invitation & Photo Album Designing: When running against time, PGBS is a team that you can rely on! We guarantee best results within a really short duration. Our expert team gives stunning results by following best practices when designing wedding albums and invitations. Our work gallery boasts of fine references to prove our point on wedding picture editing service.
  • Wedding Video Editing: Editing a wedding video is a mammoth task. Compared to the video shoot, the time taken for an image or video editing is considerably longer and includes several processes. To assure the maximum benefits of our wedding video editing services, we exclusively cater to each customer’s needs while updating them about the procedure regularly at each stage till the very end. Even our wedding photography post-processing services bank on advanced image editing techniques.
  • RAW Image Conversion: At PGBS large volumes of wedding images which are in RAW format are effortlessly and efficiently converted into any file format, whether jpg or tiff. We can do the conversion without the need for any additional time-consuming editing or photo enhancement process. Our digital photo editing services make use of advanced and inventive applications to give 100% customer satisfaction and thus put a smile on their faces.

Wedding Photographers’ Favourite

Over the years PGBS has emerged as a leader in the wedding photography industry, being the best in providing complete photo editing solutions. Our service is exclusively dedicated to wedding photographers and we specialize in wedding post-processing services. Each customer and every brand is different and special. Hence our brilliant team dedicates itself to everyone specifically, caters to their needs, understand their style, and meet their expectations in an optimal manner through high-quality output. We are the favorite of most of the ace wedding photographers in the industry who heavily bank on us for achieving great results. Our key highlight is delivering solutions in the quickest possible way, without compromising on quality and service. For, your success makes us flourish!

Procedure for wedding photo retouching at PGBS

  • We receive RAW images from the photographers or clients through FTP
  • After downloading the images, our experts perform a thorough check and analysis of each image.
  • Then, depending on the work and specified timeline, we assign the work to appropriate photo editors for completing each project.
  • We offer the needed attention and care for editing each photograph while maintaining its original style.
  • Then, we carry out the final touch up and upload it to a secure website for getting it approved by the clients.
  • The approved images are finally uploaded as .jpg or .tiff files.

Choosing PGBS- your benefits are unmatched

There are innumerable companies offering wedding photography editing services. Obviously, you need to think before making a deal with anyone for getting the editing work done as it is something closely attached to your customer’s emotions. At PGBS, we understand this fact.

  • There is a separate team that is with us only for this kind of image manipulations.
  • Our resourcefulness helps us to deliver work with perfection within short time period.
  • Highly sophisticated technologies and tools are used.
  • We stay in sync with the latest trends and keep an eye on changing customer expectations.
  • Our team can take any volume of work, even on short notice.
  • We provide free samples for you to gauge our skills and the quality we offer.
  • Different packages are there to keep every category of customer comfortable from the budgetary perspective.

We have been offering comprehensive services in regard of post-production for professional wedding photographers, ever since we started. To get complete and all-inclusive photo editing services related to wedding picture editing, album designing, retouching and enhancement, contact us. Your satisfaction is our primary and ultimate aim. 

Client testimonials

“I am a wedding photographer and according to me, PGBS is the best company for all your image processing requirements. They are very quick enough to understand my queries and provided continuous support till the project completion. I am looking forward to working with them again in the future.”
Senior Photographer, Japan
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