PGBS is highly accredited for its top-class 3D game props design service. We have talented 3D artists in our team, and they can use the most advanced 3D modeling technologies to create aesthetically appealing and context-specific 3D game prop designs that are noted for their preciseness, detailing, and relevance. We can create inspiring game models depending on project needs and guarantee world-class quality that would create the foundation for your success. Whether you are looking to create simplistic 3D game props for a kids’ game or you want to create intricately detailed 3D game assets for an action game that’s meant for young adults, we can create awe-inspiring 3D game props that can be combined with animation and other special effects so as to create captivating game art.

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3D Prop Production Process at PGBS

We follow a meticulous approach while producing 3D game props, ensuring that we create outcomes that exactly match the requirements of the game. Here’s an easy process that we follow:

  • Concept Art Production: We create sketches of game props and then get them approved by our clients. The approved art forms the basis for the creation of 3D game art.
  • 3D Asset Generation: We develop 3D game-ready props, which may be low poly models that are suited for mobile games or high-poly models that are meant to be more detailed.
  • Animation: We would add animation to game props, making them appear lively and appropriately suited for specific scenes.

Types of 3D Game Props that We Produce

  • High Poly Game Props

    We can create extremely detailed high-poly game props that can be used in games meant to be used on desktops.

  • Low Poly Game Props

    We can create low poly game props that can be used professionally across all mobile platforms.

Why Should You Choose PGBSs for 3d Game Assets Modeling?

PGBS has earned significant repute in the market for its constant focus on quality, timeliness, and cost-effective 3d design packages. PGBS is a customer-centric 3d modeling services company that bases its policies on customers’ convenience and is driven by the objective of enabling customers earn a high value on their investments. Here’s why you may want to do business with us:

  • We can create several types of game props that can meet the varied artistic requirements of a game.
  • We guarantee 100 percent quality; our long list of faithful clients justifies this fact.
  • We have a strong data security framework in place; our clients’ confidential information will always remain safe with us.
  • We have a scalable infrastructure in place, which ensures that we can scale up to any level and make resources available to meet the demands of large volume projects.
  • Our customer service team operates 24/7, which means that you can get in touch with us at any time of the day. We are always available to address your issues.
  • Our game prop designers are creative, and they have a wealth of experience in this field. They can create magnificent designs that can meet your project objectives.
  • We value our clients’ time; we always deliver outcomes within the preset timelines, ensuring that we are able to meet out deadline commitments.
  • We offer customized service packages, so our customers pay for what they get. This ensures that we can serve customers who come with tight budgets and need cost-effective services.
  • We use the most advanced technologies, which allow us to deliver world-class outcomes at the best rates in the industry.
  • We have a strong reputation in the market; so you can rely on us knowing that we are always by your side to serve you to the best of our capacity.


‘I hired the PGBS team of 3D modelers to create 3D game props for my latest fantasy game. The team created excellent 3D models of medieval-era swords, shields, etc. My audience loved the game and its unique props. Thank you PGBS for your excellent support.’

Game Designer, Toronto, Canada

‘We got in touch with PGBS after having tested several other 3D services in the United States. PGBS offered us a quote that we thought was quite competitive. After a free trial, we got started with the project and we were surprised to see the first set of deliverables. The game props developed by them were detailed and accurate and was exactly based on my specifications. We would hire the team for our future projects again.’

Owner of Game Studio, Georgia, USA
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