We understand that accuracy is of great relevance for scientific community. This is the reason for the increased usage of scientific illustrations; readers understand the concepts better through such artworks. Hailing from a track record of excellence with an experience of nearly a decade, one of our key specializations is creation of illustrations for scientific purposes. This includes but is never confined to medical research, wildlife research, natural medicine and marine research etc.

Having equipped ourselves with the best creative brains, our expertise in handling scientist or biological illustration and related services is unmatched and this confidence is what drives us to seek more and more challenging projects. We have served to a wide plethora of diversified industries. With each passing day, we are bettering ourselves by refining our skillsets, sometimes incrementally and at the other through huge leaps.

Prominent illustration niches that we serve

wildlife illustrationWildlife

Depicting wildlife needs precise custom illustration and here our team creates the best artwork to mesmerise the viewers through accurate information presented in a gracious manner.


Visually alluring illustrations are imperative for receiving an accurate picture of the underwater events. Our detailed artwork for marine life- starting from the living fish to those marine animals that have extinct can be really helpful.


Assistance from expert companies offering illustration design services is highly valuable when it comes to the domain of natural medicine. We are excellent in furnishing appealing graphics to exhibit ingredients and herbs positively.


Depicting something at a molecular level is never that easy. Specialized expertise is important for the same. We can carry out molecular illustrations in a highly precise and professional manner. Your any need in this regard can be faultlessly catered.

Our Services include the creation of

  • Journal Covers

    We would help you boost the recognition of your research by creating a cover illustration that would appropriately portray your findings.

  • Graphical Abstracts

    We can develop a perfect graphical summary of your research observations, allowing you to boost content appearance and reach.

  • Animations

    We can use 2D as well as 3D animation to explain complex concepts in a more interactive manner, thereby allowing you to improve engagement.

  • Posters

    We can design captivating posters that can garner the attention of your target audience and create a buzz around your events and workshops.

  • Logo Design

    Our illustrators can draw unique logos that can perfectly portray your works and create a major impression on your target audience.

  • Publication Figures

    We will help you refine the graphical display of your scientific information, allowing you to boost standards.

  • Presentations

    We will polish your presentations by reducing inconsistencies and clutter and allowing you to make an impact.

The Illustration Process in PGBS

When you engage us for a requirement, we would make sure that you go through a hassle-free process, right from the project initiation stage to the execution stage.

  • Project Scoping: At this stage, you would let us know about your requirements. Let us know how many illustrations you are looking for and whether you want us to refine existing figures. Do you need animated effects to be included? What are your expectations with regard to the timeline? The answers to these questions would help us define a definite scope of work.
  • Project Initiation: We would initiate the project after payment. Our work strategy would be based on the message that your illustrations need to convey and how they would be used. We would base our approaches on the particular visual expression that our clients look for.
  • Initial Draft: We develop initial illustrations based on the specific requests of our clients and these are basically rough sketches based on concepts shared with us. We may even determine a visual style by using references images to create a moodboard.
  • Revisions: Once our clients provide us with feedback on the initial draft, we would go into a discussion with them so as to decide on the next course of action. We would perform revisions to give the illustrations a final shape and to ensure that we deliver as per our clients’
  • Final Outcome: Once our clients approve the final outcome, we would consider the project to be closed. We would send the file via email, secured FTP path or through Dropbox in the file format preferred by our clients.

Why we are the best scientific illustration company?

PGBS is the ultimate hub for custom and affordable illustration design services need. Our client base has always kept on extending. Underlying reasons justify why we are the best.

  • For us, quality and exactness matters the most, always.
  • We have worked with a lot of scientific communities; we are not merely designers.
  • Our experts pay attention to entire details during the process.
  • PGBS has the best quality assurance practices in place.
  • Our company also houses scientific connoisseurs who guide the technical team.
  • We use latest and most effective tools, technologies and software packages.
  • Our customer support is available 24/7 through multiple modern and traditional channels.
  • The rates we offer are reasonable and highly competitive.

Save your money and get what you expect and even beyond by contacting us. There are varied packages that we have designed keeping in mind different categories of customers. Also, we can avail custom-made packages for specific requirements of our customers.  Outsource illustration services to PGBS and get impeccable results.