ProglobalBusinessSolutions (PGBS) is your most trusted partner in the digital publishing domain. With strong expertise in interactive Ebook conversion services, we stand as a top solution provider for our clients including publishers, authors, academic institutions, enterprises, and libraries. Our Ebook conversion specialists have solid experience in creating interactive Ebooks for children’s, adults, students, etc. for promoting a highly-engaging reading experience.

We are highly skilled at converting print or digital files into interactive Ebook formats that bring together an interesting combination of audio-visuals, cross-references, footnotes, annotations, 2D and 3D animations, etc. We make use of CSS3 and HTML5 to create visually-appealing and engaging Ebooks that can be accessed on major devices and platforms such as Kobo, Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader, Amazon Kindle, and Apple iTouch, iPad, and iPhone.

Our Interactive Ebook Conversion Service Portfolio

We are proficient in creating interactive multimedia eBooks that boost reading and learning experiences. We can incorporate quizzes, puzzles, and games in kids’ books, videos in digital cookbooks, and GPS features in travel guides. Additionally, we can also integrate interactive games and demonstrations in eBooks by using ePub3, CSS3, HTML5, and Android & iOS frameworks as well.

We have strong expertise in delivering

  • Edutainment books
  • Health & Medical education books
  • Travel guides
  • Multimedia-rich documents
  • Animated books
  • Multi-lingual eBooks

We focus on generating an excellent end-user experience and do our best to design unique user-friendly interfaces that would promote easy navigation and readability. We can embed multiple functionalities as well as multimedia content to optimize content value and to deliver extraordinary experience.

We are experts at designing interactive Elearning content and evaluations including

  • True/False
  • Sequencing & Categorizing
  • Video Demonstration
  • Matching
  • Multiple Answers
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No
  • Alternate Choice
  • Fill-in the blank

Process we follow to create interactive eBooks

  • Design Analysis

    This is the step when we perform an analysis of the overall architecture and determine the design elements that we should include. This is the stage when we decide on the combinations of graphics, visual effects, animation, audio-visuals, etc. Our analysis also includes eBook formatting and referencing-related decisions. For example, at this stage, we decide on chapter or section formatting, lessons, card structure, references, quotations, bullet and listing styles so as to develop functional prototypes.

  • Composition

    In this step, we carry out complete production of Ebooks and metadata. This is actually the programming and development stage.

  • Testing

    This is a vital step that demonstrates our commitment to quality. We proofread the converted content by comparing it against the source file. We also conduct cross-platform testing and perform compliance and quality checks to evaluate UI/UX functionality and accessibility.

  • Implementation

    This is the final step of our interactive Ebook creation process and it involves a final audit of the final outcome to make sure that it meets the criteria defined by the publisher or the quality standards defined by digital rights management.

  • Custom eBook Covers

    Professional and experienced graphic designers who specialize in creating custom eBook covers that can create maximum impact.

Why should you choose us as your Interactive eBook Conversion Service Provider?

We have been supporting the needs of diverse categories of clients located across the globe for years. We have successfully executed thousands of projects relating to the eBook conversion of documents into diverse formats including ePub3, Kindle, fixed layout ePub format, etc. At PGBS, we put strong focus on our commitment to quality and always strive to justify our clients’ investments and honor the trust they have in us. As the demand for interactive eBooks continues to rise, we do our best to keep our teams prepared to satisfactorily address our clients’ requirements, however, complex they may be. We respect our clients’ schedule, which means that we deliver outcomes within the predetermined timelines.

If you are looking for a reputed interactive eBook conversion company and if you are thinking to hire us, you must be aware of the level of service that we can provide to you:

  • We hold a strong track record of successfully addressing the needs of global clients.
  • We conduct regular training sessions to keep our staff updated about the latest techniques.
  • We have deep knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5 and can optimally use them to create awe-inspiring interactive eBooks.
  • We ensure strict adherence to the international quality standards.
  • We can create multilingual eBooks and multimedia-rich eBooks, instilling impressive effects using 2D and 3D animated elements.
  • We deliver high-quality ePublishing solutions to our clients and tailor our services as per their key needs.
  • We operate 24/7, allowing our clients to approach us whenever they need us the most.
  • We offer reasonably-priced service packages, allowing diverse categories of clients to utilize our services without affecting their budgets.
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