Great quality video production involves numerous steps and among them, storyboarding is very decisive. Understanding this criticality, we come up with a wide range of unsurpassed quality storyboard illustrations that are sure to pave way for successful and detailed video production.

With an effectual storyboard, you get the needed thrust to proceed confidently with the pre-production stage. We have worked on varied projects and thus can help you to illustrate precisely those ideas that are in your mind without any exclusions. We tactically simplify and detail your vision is such a way that the whole video concept is understood to the concerned before proceeding to the next phase of production.

Storyboard illustration services

Storyboard illustration services

Storyboarding helps in invoking creativity during the earlier phases and thus the video production can be assured of a positive start rather than failing owing to improper or inadequate conceptualization.

Areas in which our storyboard artists excel

We are skilled in providing different types of storyboards like

  • Film storyboard
  • Animated storyboard
  • Cartoon storyboard
  • Advertising storyboard
  • Floating storyboard
  • Thumbnail storyboard
  • Photo storyboard

Our Work Process


We use digital illustrations or even hand drawing to create boxes resembling comic strips for explaining the sequence of events happening. These can enhance the opportunities for visual communication.


Production personnel including directors can save time & increase accuracy as they can do planning well in advance by experimenting with different perspectives and angles.

Concept Design

Our illustration agency assists in providing early checkpoints by expressing primary thoughts in few paragraphs. Thus the production team can validate whether the concept is proceeding in proper direction.

Story Structure

Before production starts, we outline the story. Thus everyone involved gets the needed idea in advance before proceeding to production’s next phase.

Speeding up post-production editing

We also help with post-production editing and alike. Our illustrations will be the editing guide for concerned editors thus avoid mistakes leading to the need for multiple editing revisions.


Storyboard illustrators with us will provide a concise plan showing details such as light sources, camera placement, people as well as props.

Advantages of associating with PGBS

When you are wondering whom to trust when it comes to contracting out your illustration services, there may be a surfeit of options in your mind. Pause a while and let us explain why we would be the best choice for you.

  • We offer different story board creations including thumbnail, floating, framed, photo, animated, film, photography and cartoon.
  • We have in-depth understanding of complete animation video production processes and techniques.
  • People with us are veterans with an extensive experience is diversified video production domains.
  • No matter how tight the schedules are, we can guarantee timely completion without fail.
  • Exceptional quality is ensured as we follow only standard and proven processes.
  • We offer most reasonable pricing and several packages to fit every budget.

Hire and see your bottom line improving significantly

Successfully producing a video requires you to be brimmed with creativity, technical adeptness and experience. We possess all these traits in plenty. So, when you think of professional storyboard services, bank on us and you will surely appreciate our commitment and excellence.

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