Real estate photo editing services are something in which PGBS specializes to provide flawless output within the fastest turnaround time for global real estate photographers. We have a dedicated team of photo editors who are assigned to exclusively deal with all sorts of property photo retouching and image enhancement requirements. We make sure that the real estate images you present to your clients create the desired impact and cast a positive impression on their minds.

Real Estate Photo Editing With Sky Change And Perspective Correction

Real Estate Photo Editing

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Our real estate image editing includes

Interior Photo Before EditingInterior Photo After Editing
Real Estate Photo Enhancement

We enhance property snaps, rectifying distracting elements, improving composition & removing unwanted objects (digital decluttering).

Panorama Photo Stitching
360-degree Panorama Photo Stitching

We can join architectural property images to deliver a wider panoramic view of the whole building in an appealing way.

Exterior Day Time Image Before EditingExterior Dusk Image After Editing

Using advanced image processing techniques, we convert the day time photos into beautiful twilight  or dusk images.

Color Cast Image Before EditingColor Cast Image After Editing
Color Cast Removal

In cases the snaps have inappropriate lighting or need white balance, then our experienced photo editors remove color casts from images.

Dull Sky ImageSky Change Image After Editing
Sky Change/ Alteration

We can either replace the sky or work on the background to restore the overall grace of the architectural property photos to a huge extent.

Improper Perspective Error ImagePerspective Corrected Image
Image Perspective Correction

Our reality editors correct the perspective disorders, including the vertical and horizontal distortions, to improve image quality.

HDR Blended Image from Multiple Exposures
HDR Image Blending

We blend pictures with varying exposures with the help of our real estate hdr photo editing services to craft attractive and properly illuminated images.

Empty Room SpaceVirtually Home Staged Image
Virtual staging

Our virtual staging services include the addition of designer couches, TVs, tables, lamps, etc. to your indoor spaces.

aerial photo before editingaerial photo after editing
Aerial Photo Editing

We can edit aerial photos while maintaining clarity and enhancing brightness. Send us your raw images and we will do magic.

Different real estate photo editing techniques we implement

  • Unwanted objects removal: With our expertise, we Photoshop the real estate photos and help you to remove unwanted objects or persons to make the snap neater.
  • Camera flashes removal: The entire beauty of architecture may get ruined by inadequate camera flashes. Professional photo editors with us touch up the property pictures to remove the flashes in such a way that it appears more natural.
  • Cropping: We help in cropping of images to get a certain size or to make a perfect frame by exclusively focusing on a particular area or subject.
  • Image resizing for the web: Don’t worry when it comes to image resizing for uploading them on to your website. It will not get pixelated when experts at PGBS will carry out the resizing process on your behalf. The quality of the image will be retained while the desired size is achieved.
  • Minor reflections removal: A small reflection from any glass or a mere glare can adversely impact the image quality. The experts with us can work on the glare to remove it completely from the concerned image. This makes it appear tidier and clearer.
  • Removal of timestamp: The strikingly appealing image may look weird and distracting if it has those annoying time stamps on it.   The expert professionals with us remove them perfectly without leaving any trace behind.
  • Enhancement of furniture images: It would be really dull if the real estate images are presented to the clients without any furniture. In that case, our experts take care of furniture image enhancement by carrying out brightness and contrast adjustment, color correction, etc. to make them look good and inviting.
  • Color Correction: We use multiple clipping path and accurate color correction techniques to produce exceptional real estate images that exhibit immense salability.

All the above techniques can be implemented on various architectural building structure regardless of its type, such as

  • Residential Properties (apartment, homes, townhouses, villas, vacation homes, etc.)
  • Commercial Properties (office spaces, shopping malls, restaurants, parking lots, retail stores, educational institutions, medical centers, etc.)
  • Industrial Properties (warehouses, business parks, manufacturing buildings, production houses, etc.)

Additional Services Dedicated to Real Estate Photo Editing

We also specialize in offering a wide range of services that are specifically dedicated to the enhancement of interiors and exteriors. It is categorized into two parts, which are mentioned below:

For interior photo enhancement, we offer services like

  • Window view replacement
  • Window enhancement
  • Recoloring or spot removal
  • Cord and wire removal
  • Fixing burnt-out light-bulbs
  • Elimination of dust from the ground, floor, walls
  • Smoothing of bed-covers, carpets, curtains
  • Flash shadow removal
  • TV screen replacement
  • Adding interior lighting
  • Addition of wall colors, wall painting, etc.

For exterior photo enhancement, we offer the following services

  • Adding lawn or vegetation
  • 360-degree exterior view
  • Adding fire to fireplaces
  • Lawn enhancement including patching and greening
  • Incorporation of exterior lighting, i.e., pool/garden/street lights
  • Lawn retouching
  • Removing garbage and dust
  • Flash ambient blending
  • Noise reduction
  • Adding blue color to water bodies like rivers, oceans, lakes, pools, etc.

Unmatched benefits of outsourcing real estate photo editing services to PGBS

In this marketplace, a lot of real estate photo editing companies are there that operate in the concerned niche, but PGBS stays distinguished from the rest owing to the seamless benefits it offers to the clients. Some to mention are

  • Our real estate photo editing company in India stays updated with the latest movements in the industry of real estate. 
  • People here are perfectionists qualified in all operative image editing software programs. We keep on refining their skills by providing regular training and workshops.
  • We accept input in multiple formats that include RAW files, JPEG, PSD, Tiff, etc.
  • Our customer support wing stays active 24/7 and communication channels are always kept open. You will be intimated about project proceedings and status at regular frequencies.
  • We offer the best real estate photo editing pricing, which would make your outsourcing decision a grand success.
  • Whatever data you send to us is kept confidential.
  • Expertise in offering end to end photo editing support including property video editing, photo retouching, and more.

No matter how complicated your photo editing needs are, we can carry out the necessary editing’s on the interior or exterior photographs of your real estate properties to bring back its lost charm and appeal. Our real estate photo editing services are the best in the industry, where we execute the entire process with unmatched excellence for providing outstanding results to our clients. We can also send you a free trial upon request. Based on the sample work done, you can decide whether our skills can accommodate your expectations or not.

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