PGBS has successfully established itself as one of the leading providers of 3D sculpting services in this competitive industry. With a team of highly qualified 3D sculptors and modelers, we have covered various design projects of clients according to their needs and industry-leading standards. We employ advanced digital sculpting tools and techniques to craft the best designs by introducing the meshes, details, patterns, or textures to give them a natural and realistic appeal.

To deliver the exact outcomes as per the client’s specifications, we pay attention to all the details they mention for their project.

Furthermore, we closely collaborate with them to understand their ideas and business requirements for developing 3D sculptures by incorporating our creativity and artistic skills. Our main aim is to maintain the uniqueness of the client’s model and make it stand out in the market. Depending on the project we are handling, we can either implement mesh-based geometry or voxel-based geometry to create the sculpt models. The former digital sculpting program allows us to enjoy the benefits of modeling at multiple resolutions. At the same time, the later provides us the freedom to manipulate the form of the model.

Our 3D Sculpting Outsourcing Services Support for Diverse Industries

Architecture: The basic reason why most of the architecture and engineering firms use our services is to enable their clients to visualize a project. It can help them to identify the flaws in a design and eradicate. Other advantages can be increasing sales, saving time and money, precise representation, faster designing, etc.

3D Printing: Our experts use advanced tools to design 3d models ready for 3D printing. This provides a preview of the design before going live.

Automotive: The automotive industry employs our services to digitally sculpt the parts of the vehicles. They use it to create prototypes during the pre-manufacturing stage. Besides, it saves costs as 3D printing of parts or components is inexpensive and reduces the production time. Also, the product will be less susceptible to damage.

Publishing: The publishing domain utilizes the 3D sculpting technology to create 3D print-ready images or illustrations that can be used in the documents or manuscripts. However, in case of eBooks, the sculpted images can be directly incorporated in the text. It helps to enhance the reading experience of their targeted readers.

Entertainment: In this case, our 3d models are mainly used in films and video games to sculpt scenes, characters, props, and more in the most realistic way. For movies, the modelers usually combine CG artwork with high poly organic modeling to create special effects. However, they use the technique of low poly organic modeling for games.

Why choose our company for outsourcing digital sculpting services?

With the breakthrough of 3D sculpting, it has become a necessity to implement the technology for many industries that are looking for an organic 3D model. The way we design a model can vary according to the instructions given to us by the clients or depend on the type of project we are handling. We usually incorporate advanced sculpt modeling software to bring digital shapes to life. With its help, we can design the best digital sculptures with high precision and make it 3d print-ready.

The below reasons will help you to trust our 3D sculpting company for meeting your varied project needs.

  • Well-trained team: Before assigning a project to a particular team, we make sure that they undergo extensive training so that we can produce exceptional sculpting designs as per the client’s demand using the advanced software and tools.
  • Reasonable pricing modules: We offer flexible pricing modules at cost-effective rates. We customize it according to the complexity of the assigned project and the budget constraints set by the clients.
  • Detail-oriented and high-quality outputs: We implement the latest digital sculpting programs to create or modify the 3D geometric sculptures with precise details and quality. Clients can use it later for 3D printing.
  • Assured customer satisfaction: We put the satisfaction of our customers as our topmost priority. Hence, we make sure that they are happy with the outputs and have a great experience working with us.
  • 100% project confidentiality: We guarantee the confidentiality of the client’s project by signing an NDA. We also ensure that their projects are completely secured and will reach back to them safely.
  • Customized data output formats: If requested, we can provide the 3D sculpting outputs in a variety of formats as per the choice of the clients. Some of these are PDF, STEP, STL, OBJ, IGES, WRL, and more.

Process we follow for creating excellent 3D sculptures

Our 3D design team are skilled to utilize the software to its most to tailor the specific needs of the client’s project. They follow a unique approach to design the custom 3D models by using different tools and techniques. We usually receive the input from the clients in the form of pictures, ideas, or through manual sketches or drawings. After receiving the request, our 3D artists pay complete attention to understand their project details. Once it’s done, the next step will be to consult with the clients regarding their ideas and incorporate the same. We can also offer suggestions if needed to further enhance the project. Finally, we will render the design and deliver the project in the required format as requested by the clients.

Get flawless 3D Sculptures for Printing

At PGBS, we will offer you with the world-class 3d designs without fail. However, if you are still not happy with the design, then feel free to provide suggestions. We are open to your feedback and will surely incorporate it to design your next 3d miniature sculpting model. You can visit our design portfolios to witness some of our work samples.

Our 3D Design Technical Expertise

The technical expertise we hold at PGBS includes:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Skinning
  • Compositing
  • Lighting

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