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5 Best Video Editing Tips for Beginners
Even since videos are in trend, more people are looking at how to create and edit videos. Whether it is for personal or business, everybody now wants to use it as a medium of communication. But, beginners may find video editing a bit intimidating.
Top 7 differences between contact center vs call center
Contact center and call center are two different modes of business communication. The terms are often perceived to be the same but differ from one another. In simpler terms, it can be said that call support departments let consumers only connect via phone.
What is CAPI, CATI and CAWI in Research Methodologies
Market research is always an integral part of every business and its existence. Getting the updated data on board and staying on top is the ultimate aim of every service provider, for that matter! Without data, businesses are nothing!
What is Inbound Call Center – Definition, Types, Uses, and Tips
No wonder why growth-oriented businesses should consider investing in inbound call center services so as to be able to address customers’ queries in a timely manner and to set up a full-time customer support team that would remain life at all hours of the day to cater to their clients’ needs.
Guide on Book Cover Dimensions in Pixels & Inches
In the grand scheme of everything that we talk about regarding the design of book covers, we seldom talk about the dimension of the same. All we talk about is its coloration, how images are used and even the typography on the cover.
What is Graphic Design – A Complete Guide to Kickstart Your Job
Graphic design may immediately remind you of stunning web graphics or creative advertisements. But you must note that graphic design is a vast field that includes the creative designing of magazines, product labels, infographics, business cards, mobile apps, book covers, software interfaces, posters, logos, signs, and website layouts.
Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Photography Editing
As real estate businesses continue to promote their projects aggressively, the real estate photography market continues to witness massive growth. Real estate businesses look for professional images to market their properties to the target audience.
Top Factors That Determine Photo Retouching Pricing
When we look at a perfect picture, we don’t really understand the level of effort that goes towards achieving this level of perfection. All images that are generated for commercial purposes undergo rounds of retouching before they are published on print or digital media.
Top Clothing Photography Tips for Apparel Photographers
Application of certain techniques and avoidance of certain pitfalls ensure the generation of superior quality clothing photography. In this article, we have discussed some really useful clothing photography tips that would allow you click apparel photographs
Things to Consider While Outsourcing to Answering Service Provider
If you are running a small business and looking forward to taking it to the next level, you should take customer service seriously. With good customer service, you will be able to create a strong bond with your customers and make them feel confident about buying from you.
List of 10 Best Video Editing Services Companies
As the digital revolution continues to evolve and gain further momentum, businesses continue to find advanced marketing methods to reach a wider audience and create a lasting impact with the help of video editing companies and in-house video editors.
Tasks That You Can Assign to a Creative Virtual Assistant
Looking for expert graphic support from a trusted service provider or a professional graphic design virtual assistant? You need to make sure that you identify a reliable service provider that can deliver what you want.
3D Rendering Pricing Guide for Architecture and Products Design
3D rendering is a unique service, which is often customized based on the requirements of a client. People who are seeking to find the exact 3D rendering pricing for their project via this article must know that doing the same can be difficult.
Understanding About The Business (Step 1)
The initial stage of your CRISP-DM process involves a clear understating of what you want to accomplish from your business. It is necessary to know the key factors, that may have an influence on the outcome of your project.
Understanding the data (Step 2)
In this post, you will come to know about Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) methodology. Here, we have presented the crisp dm data understanding process, after the previous post on Phase 1 on Business Understanding.
Preparation of data (Step 3)
In this post, you will come to know about the crisp dm Data Preparation Phase(Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining), the third stage in the data mining process. In the previous phase, we had presented Data Understanding.
Modeling (Step 4)
In this post, you will come to know about the crisp dm modelling phase (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining), after the third post on Data Preparation.
Evaluation (Step 5)
Having learned about modelling in the previous post, in this post, you will get closely acquainted with CRISP-DM methodology. This is the fifth phase of data mining project, and this is all about evaluation.
Deployment – Step 6 of the CRISP-Data Mining (DM) Process
In the last post we explained about evaluation phase of CRISP-DM, now we can discuss deployment phase of the crisp dm process, in this phase, you will come to know about the tactics to deploy results of your evaluation.
How to make a GIF in Photoshop, YouTube Video, and Online Methods
Images tell stories and GIFs tell stories with a greater depth. No wonder why businesses are using GIFs increasingly to create an impact on the minds of their target audience. With GIFs, marketers can deliver messages in a crisp and concise manner while being able to create instant impact that remains in the memory for quite a long time.
What Is Photo Culling and Why It Is Must for Post Processing
Photo culling is the process of choosing the best images from a pile of images suitable for image post-processing. One may even delete it or archive it, but only the best ones must be selected for the editing purpose.
Grass Replacement Tutorial for Real Estate Photos in Photoshop
Visual appeal plays a vital role these days. Digital platforms are evolving, and customers are getting numerous options to choose from many. In the case of ecommerce or real estate listings, eye-catching images create a major impression on a viewer.
What is 3D  Modeling? A Comprehensive Guide
The 3D modeling process was introduced to the market a few years back but has a long and long history and this is why it has become an eminent part of the creative world today. In this article we will do the knowledge sharing of 3D modeling, how it is benefitting the various industry verticals, what are the types of 3D modeling and more.
ebook Cover Design: A Comprehensive Guide for Authors and Designers
Are you a professional ebook cover designer who has been helping publishers and authors with custom ebook covers for years? If your answer is, “ I am new to ebook cover design”, then this article would prove to be the right guide for you to understand design aspects in a greater detail and from multiple perspectives.
9 Essential Wedding Photo Editing Tips to Edit Like a Pro
You will remember every detail of your big day. However, your wedding photos are crucial keepsakes that also help you cherish those special moments after many years. That’s why we all are very worried about getting the best possible photographs on our wedding day.
Guide for Understanding 3 Stages of Video Production Process
Consumption of videos has seen a huge increase for a long time, and the competition is on the rise. Videos are not only an entertainment source, rather it’s a strong marketing tool used in diverse ways to engage your customers.
How to Sell Kitchen Furniture and Fixtures Using 3D Renderings
Do you sell kitchen furniture? Or, do you plan to in the near future? If you do, then 3D kitchen rendering is probably one of the best marketing techniques available to demonstrate the look and feel of your products.
Business Process Outsourcing Enhancing The Growth Of Business
When any specific responsibilities of a business function and related operations are contracted to a third party for providing those specific services, it is called outsourcing.
Keep the trust of your customers through quality support
One of the most important factors influencing the success of a business is the quality of customer relationship management. Being available for customers whenever a need arises is very important for grabbing customer’s trust and keeping them loyal.
How multilingual call center services are more beneficial than normal ones?
Ever since the concept of multilingual call center services emerged, it always had upper hand over bilingual as well as other normal call center services. The former one is better and hence the most preferred one because of the obvious reason that the companies offering multilingual call center services are capable to serve customers from diverse parts of globe in different languages and all time round the clock.
Designing banners that magnetizes clicks
Marketing is pivotal for the growth and every business and it increases and reinforces your brand awareness in the market. When it comes to online media, the role played by banner ads should never be overlooked.
Route map towards achieving the status of a perfect multilingual call center services provider
With the increasing popularity of internet, geographical boundaries impose least restrictions for the growth of any business irrespective of its type. So, even a small business initiative in a developing country like India can increase its customer base worldwide.
Digital Formats for Fixed Layout
At the first glance, the name ‘eBook’ signifies a book that can be read on any electronic device such as desktop computer, handheld device like smartphones or tablets, e-readers like Kindle etc.
Wise steps to take for effective magazine designs
The visual layout of a magazine is a key contributor to its popularity among its readers. The visual experience of magazines exerts a strong influence on the reading experience.
7 things about German prospects that you must remember while providing customer support
For any business targeting Europe, providing customer support in German language can’t be escaped because of the simple reason that it is spoken widely in Europe. Seeking assistance of an expert company offering German call center services is inevitable for them.
Targeting Europe? Why providing multilingual call center services in German language is important?
As technology has melted away geographical boundaries, businesses now have no restrictions and can target any market place. Europe is one of the most dynamic market with immense potential for any business.
Sketching Tips for Professional Drawing (Beginners Guide)
Sketching is an art that is driven by passion. People who are passionate about creating art and find art to be a way of self-expression and driving out negative energies from their minds are able to relate to art better and they are the ones who become great artists.
5 tips for enhancing the quality of call center technical support
Keeping a caller comfortable is the basic objective of any executive who is entrusted with the job of providing technical support services. This helps a business in retaining its existing customers. Also a satisfied customer involuntarily serves as a word-of-mouth advertisement for you.
Adding eBook formats to Kindle Fire HDX
Kindle Fire HDX, powered by an elegant display and exceptionally robust processor is undoubtedly a highly impressive and smart tablet that assures a smooth and exciting reading experience.
5 tips for perfect photo printing in Photoshop
You may have perfected a picture to look great onscreen. But when printed, the resulting picture many times may not be of expected quality due to a number of factors. By following undermentioned photo editing tips, you can definitely enhance your picture output quality by a huge margin.
5 reasons to convert PSD to XHTML
XHTML is most often used nowadays to code websites mainly because it is reliable and more dynamic. Web design layouts are regularly done in PSD format and then converted to markup language.
Six Steps in CRISP-DM – The Standard Data Mining Process
CRISP-DM has been witnessing exponential growth for quite a few years now. It is one of the common methodologies used by industries and organizations to solve the existing data mining issues.
5 unique album design tips that you must be acquainted with
It is not just the striking images that decide the worthiness of a photograph album. Attractive layouts are also a decisive factor when it comes to designing. Excellent photographs can be ruined completely by lazy layouts.
Data cleansing techniques-How to delete unwanted data
Unwanted data is something that we need to reject and eliminate. But what actually is bad data? Well, it includes info that is incorrect or inappropriate for the current context. This also embraces info that is obsolete as well.
Areas to focus on for providing best contact centre customer service
Poor customer service costs companies billions of dollars annually. Strengthening your relationship with your customers is a way to improve your customer retention rates. And you can improve your relationship with your customers by improving the standard of your customer service.
How outsourcing data entry helps business organizations?
Businesses that focus on availing customized solutions for its clients usually rely on the facility of outsourcing data entry to make the whole system smoother and lighter. The reason is that no business is ready to suffer heavy time loss for processing information.
A quick review of how virtual assistant services help businessmen
As more and more companies are looking for cost-effective alternatives to streamline their operations and to get their complex and critical tasks completed by experts, the field of virtual assistance continues to expand, bringing new career opportunities for individuals.
10 great wedding photo ideas for all photographers
Wedding is a special event in everyone’s life. Among many other essentials, pictured captured during the event is also of great importance. Lot of pictures from various tight angles make the big day a special one for all those participating in the grand function.
Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop
Portrait retouching is obviously a great way to improve your portrait photography. But there should be proper care to make sure that things are not overdone and the image face seems unnatural. There are a lot of tools and techniques for working on the snaps taken.
5 Tips for better banner ads design
Yes! It is a fact that clicks on banner ads are declining these days; you have to accept it with a pinch of salt. But it never means that this advertising format is now completely futile.
Using Lightroom for portrait photo retouching
Many photo editors prefer using Lightroom for portrait refinement. You may create a number of effects using this software depending on the type of portrait that you need to refine.
Tips for children’s book illustrators
Most publishing houses have illustrators in-house. There are also authors who want to do things by themselves. However, professional assistance is imperative to assure that the book sells well; this fact has to be accepted.
Skills anticipated from bilingual call center agents
You owe your customer supreme quality services. Regardless of the niche in which you are operating, clients always expect to be valued and taken care of. This is why you should employ right people for providing remarkable customer support.
Benefits of call center outsourcing – enjoy seamless profits
A call center is a department that is responsible for handling incoming as well as outgoing customer calls. A company may have its own call center within its premises and under the direct control of its management or it may also choose to hire the services of a professional call center company that has the infrastructure to support the delivery of world-class services.
Questions to ask when considering outsourcing
Trends of business are evolving and outsourcing has turned out to be a remarkable cult over the years. Most of the companies have understood the advantages of outsourcing and they contract out some or the other services to different firms.
Photo restoration process for badly damaged photos with photoshop
Photoshop is indisputably one of the best tools used by professionals and even amateurs for modifying or enhancing digital images. Besides, it can be instrumental in repairing or restoring photographs ruined by neglect, nature’s act and effects of age, etc.
Post production tricks for jewellery retouching
It is common knowledge that capturing scintillating jewelry pictures is a daunting task. Filigreed pieces often fail to be captured in full details whereas the reflection from gemstones renders them dull in images.
4 simple guide to embed YouTube video in different PowerPoint versions
Any powerpoint presentation is made vibrant with animations and graphics. The appeal of a presentation can be enhanced through the incorporation of videos or animations on the slides.
How to Change Background Color in Photoshop [Simple 2 Ways Tutorial]
We have brought forth a tutorial that would guide you and other new photo editors on how to change background color in Photoshop. In this article, we would show how you can use certain Photoshop tools in order to change the background color of an image.
Top 10 Reasons for Outsourcing and It’s Business Benefits
Whatever the need, outsourcing can help. With a little research and planning, you can find the right outsourcers to help you take your business to the next level.
How outsourcing trends 2016 will control the market- 6 pointers
Outsourcing has been the epicenter of a business organization that services vendors across the globe. Long term business objectives have to be met in the evolving industrial age.
5 tips to build rapport while providing live chat support services
The value of live chat cannot be underestimated at any point of service. Just like phone, email and onsite service, chat service also plays a definitive role in altering the customer mood to swing it in the favor of your organization.
Data Scrubbing – How to Keep Your Data Clean and Accurate
With the rise of big data, it has never been more critical to make sure your information is as perfect and up-to-date as possible. As with anything in life, there will always be some degree of error when dealing digitally with information
Why outsource animation projects to India?
As Indian animation companies have begun to conceive excellent value chain creating intellectual properties, the animation sector is on a rapid pace to grow.
Types of Business Cards Design (Brief Guidance)
Choosing the right kind of business card for your company is a crucial thing to do, as it becomes the face of your business to clients, investors and all other associates of your firm.
How to Photograph White Products on White Background the Right Way?
Photographing a white product on a white background is one of the biggest challenges in eCommerce product photography. In high-end product photography, careful metering and light positioning are needed
WordPress Development Best Practices to Avoid 16 Common Errors
WordPress is the leading framework in contemporary content management system (CMS). The intuitive and customizable dashboard which offers unparalleled ease in content publishing render WordPress user-friendly for seasoned as well as amateur developers.
Basic Guide for Understanding Color Theory and Color Wheel
Color theory is a fundamental concept of any chromatic design activity. Every artist ranging from web designers or graphic designers to architects and photographers understands that it is essential for any visual composition.
What is Data Mining and Why is it so Important?
The process of data mining is used to detect abnormalities or inconsistencies, patterns, and correlations within data sets to anticipate outcomes.
13 Best Paid & Free Photo Editing Software for Windows & Mac
Photo editing software holds a lot of importance in the field of graphic designing and photography. Many businesses associated with the domain are trying hard to leverage the maximum potential of these tools to amplify the quality of their work for generating more leads and revenues.