PGBS has always been in the vanguard of providing first-class fashion photo retouching services. The company offers all inclusive services ranging from mild tweaking in image properties to higher level of fashion photo editing services as per the customer demands.

high end fashion photography retouching service

High end fashion retouching

At PGBS, we understand how important photographs are for a fashion business. That’s why we have the best fashion editors on board who can help you create a professional fashion portfolio with well enhanced images.

Our photo retouching services are widely employed by fashion photographers, models, magazine publishers, etc. By combining our artistic vision and proven techniques, we eliminate imperfections and add depth to the pictures so that the outcomes look exceptional and are beyond what our clients can imagine.

Our high-end fashion photo editing services include

At our photo editing company, you get a wide range of services including RAW image conversion, photo culling, and color correction. There is nothing that we can’t do when it is about image enhancing and embellishing. Some of our main offerings are

  • Hair, Skin & Body Image Enhancement

    We can carry out specific image enhancement process for hair, skin, and body to enhance the look of the subject present in the image. It usually depends on the requirements provided by the clients for meeting a specific purpose. For example, let’s say we have to edit an image that is focused on hair care products. In that case, we make sure that the subject in the picture is devoid of stray hair. Besides, the hair should also have great volume and shine. Similarly, while correcting the images of skin products, we make sure that the skin appears flawless. The same rule also applies to edit the photographs of the model, who need their body to look perfectly fit. In cases like that, we can digitally eliminate the flab and tone up their muscles.  Apart from that, we can also carry out

    • Contouring & liquefying body
    • Skin toning and smoothing
    • Cleaning & retouching background
    • Achieving blemish-free skin
    • Enhancing different skin features.
    • Blemishes, wrinkles, spots and moles removal
    • Whitening teeth and body shaping
    • Removal of red-eye and stray hair
    • Sharpening of eyes, correction of lips and softening of eye bags
    • Contrast, saturation and brightness adjustment
    • Adjusting lights and shades
  • High End Portrait Image Editing

    With the help of our portrait image editing services, we can elevate the quality of simple-looking portraits and can make it look professional. Below are the various techniques that we usually implement.

    • Eliminating distractions
    • Adjusting brightness & saturation
    • Color manipulation
    • Skin smoothing & toning
    • Teeth whitening
    • Braces removal
    • Correcting skin imperfections
    • Eyes & lips enhancing
    • Spots, wrinkles, and blemish removal
  • HDR Image Blending

    Offering High-dynamic-range image blending service is one of the main specializations of PGBS. We can carefully retouch any type of fashion images and retain all its important details so that it can attract potential clients and customers. Below are the various techniques that we implement here.

    • Curve & level layer masking
    • HDR photo retouching
    • Adjusting tone & temperature
    • Correcting white levels & exposures
    • Maintaining sharpness & contrast
  • Image Editing for Advertising

    We can also help the advertising companies by appropriately editing the commercial photos so that they can be used for e-commerce sites. We make sure that it is highly-detailed, appealing, and creates a positive impact on the minds of the viewers. We achieve the desired goals by using some of the specialized editing techniques, which are as follows.

    • Eliminating unwanted backgrounds
    • Applying dodge & burn
    • Maintaining color & contrast
    • HDR photo editing
    • Image Manipulation
    • Ensuring realistic & highly-detailed images
    • Adjusting brightness & sharpness
    • Highend skin retouching

Get reliable fashion photography editing services from us

If you are a model looking for some high fashion photo edits, you know very well know how much important it is to have a great portfolio. Fashion industry is solely about how you look but more important is how you present yourself. Forwarding pictures with wrinkles and marks can be the worst thing.

Associate with us and equip yourself with enhanced snaps that you can use confidently for all commercial purposes. Our experts add more depth and realism to your pictures, and they remove various imperfections that even you may have left unnoticed. Whether you are just having your baby steps or an established identity, image editing and enhancement is really imperative for you.

We are a reputed fashion photo editing service providing company with years of experience in the niche. Our photo editing services have built the future of many aspiring models and fashion photographers. Our company has a team of qualified, trained and skilled fashion photo editors who know to optimally utilize all advanced tools and technologies to guarantee you flawless attractive, and manipulative images within the shortest turnaround time at affordable prices

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