PGBS is a leading company providing advanced skin retouching services. We, at PGBS, employ a team of qualified skin retouchers who can deliver exceptional support when it comes to handling diversified tasks including refining of fashion photos, portraits, wedding images, and other photos that bring special memories for people. From performing skin smoothening to enhancing the overall facial beauty, our retouchers can guarantee extraordinary outcomes. Our ever-growing list of clients includes fashion models, professional photographers, event management agencies, and individuals. We work towards boosting the overall image appeal while ensuring that the subject is highlighted in the desired manner. With decades of experience in the industry, we excel in delivering state-of-the-art photo editing services to our clients who come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse requirements. Among key services that grace our service portfolio are teeth brightening, color rectification, braces removal, tone adjustments, etc.

All our service charges are based on our clients’ exact requirement, which means that we do not offer standardized quotes to all. We offer customized packages, allowing customers to stick to their budgets and pay for only what they require. We render basic retouching as well as advanced retouching support depending on project requirements as well as our clients’ budgets. From removing acne and blemishes to improving the overall color of an image, we take every minute detail into account in order to ensure successful project execution.

Our skin retouching service portfolio

  • Blemish Removal

    We can remove blemishes, glorifying facial beauty.

  • Color Correction

    We improve image color, boosting overall appeal.

  • Age-Reduction

    We remove age-marks and wrinkles in a flawless way.

  • Tone Modification

    We improve color tones, boosting glamour appeal.

  • Eye Beautification

    We beautify eyes, creating a captivating appeal.

  • Teeth Brightening

    We whiten teeth, boosting the impact of smile.

  • Skin Softening

    We soften skin, reducing the signs of skin ageing.

  • Hair Retouching

    We retouch hair, boosting glow and changing style.

  • Makeup Enhancement

    We do advanced glamour retouching.

Why should you outsource skin retouching to PGBS?

PGBS is one of the most reputed providers of photo retouching services. With an expert team of photo editors who have thorough working knowledge of diverse event photo editing projects. With years of experience in the industry, we stand as your most trusted skin retouching service provider. When you work with us, we ensure a win-win deal that allows you to leverage our capabilities to an optimal extent. Here are the reasons why you may want to do business with us:

  • Superior Outcomes

    We endorse a strong attitude towards quality; we won’t consider a project to be completed until and unless our clients are completely happy with the outcome. We have quality supervisors who perform stringent quality checks on outcomes before they are passed on to you.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer the best rates in the industry, which allow us to cater to the needs of various categories of clients who have different budgets.

  • Short Turnarounds

    We can process 3000 images per day and complete projects within very short turnarounds. We can even promise a 24-hour turnaround for some projects depending on the volume of tasks that we need to handle.

  • Best Photo Editors

    Our photo editors are highly experienced and they are qualified to perform advanced skin retouching. Whether you need a glamour retouching task to be completed or you want basic retouching of a portrait, we can help you achieve your goals.

  • Technology

    We use sophisticated technologies, ensuring that we are able to handle project complexities with utmost ease and professionalism. We keep ourselves updated about the latest technologies and ensure that we deliver outcomes as per our clients’ expectations.

  • Data Security

    We ensure that our clients’ confidential information and trade secrets remain safe with us. We adopt all possible means to keep your data safe against security vulnerabilities.

  • Appropriateness

    We can remove all distractive elements and put the entire focus on the subject. We can remove unwanted objects and flaws so as to create professional image versions.

  • Preservation of Original Appeal

    We can perform advanced skin retouching while making sure that we retain the original appeal of images. This is one of our key strengths that distinguish us from our competitors.

We, at PGBS, have created a distinct identity in the market with our comprehensive portfolio of photo editing services. We deliver high-end retouching services, which make us one of the most reliable entities in the industry. We have a team of quality specialists who regularly monitor project outcomes to ensure that our clients get what they look for. From performing basic skin retouching to implementing high-end beauty retouching, baby skin retouching, we can deliver exceptional skin editing support that can create magical effects. If you have a requirement, you may get in touch with us and we would provide you with a custom quote.