Nowadays, when technology applies a major impact on businesses, videos have found themselves interwoven within marketing initiatives undertaken by businesses. We, at PGBS, understand that video content can get businesses more views, clickthroughs, and TRPs and all these convert into a higher sales rate. As a reputed provider of video editing services, we know the significance of video editing and how it benefits businesses.

With solid experience in the domain and a talented team that thoroughly understands the video editing techniques, we promise to deliver post production solutions that are customized as per your individual requirements. By joining hands with PGBS, you will have a reliable partner who will completely understand your needs and extend services that are specifically customized to help you fulfill your project objectives. Besides, by engaging with our offshore video editing company in India, you can reduce your in-house expenses and enhance your video quality at an affordable pricing.

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Why Choose PGBS for Video Editing Outsourcing Services?

At PGBS, our competent editing team works adhering to defined guidelines and in that constrained space the entire creative process is enhanced with value-added elements. Through this, the videos look better visually and this leaves viewers enthralled. We will take your video production efforts to the next level with our cost-effective post-production services. We also offer video editing support as a subscription-based service so that our clients can enjoy our services based on custom pricing packages designed as per their requirements.

Being one among the best video editing companies in India, PGBS can be vouched for merging, deleting unnecessary content, video cropping, video stabilization, re-ordering of shot, color grading and other processes to add the professional touch to your videos.

We are masters when it comes to quality video enhancements by carrying out activities such as by adding music, sounds, voice-overs, texts, or any other special effects which give an enriching feel to the video. Moreover, we also help in blending special effects while handling digital video editing like adjusting colors and sounds, making corrections, sharpness, adding 2D or 3D effects, etc.

Besides these, our team extends their excellent skills in audio editing, movie editing, storyboarding, video compositing, and 360 video editing.

We have clients all over the world who have applauded our online video editing services and they keep seeking our services because we meticulously focus on every detail and diligently work towards giving a premium level of quality. And here are furthermore reasons:

Outsource Video Editing Services to PGBS

With PGBS you can be completely be assured that your videos are in expert hands. Our best video editors have extensive experience and are extremely talented, and they use the latest software while handling any kind of project. A chief editor is in place who evaluates every project and does quality check and retain creativity. Through seamless work management, PGBS has the calibre to govern the entire post-production of an assignment. We provide a wide range of video editing services – all customised as per your inclinations. Besides offering exceptional video editing services, we are also pioneers in developing leading edge video composites.

PGBS has the needed infrastructure and proficiency that is required to transform mere raw footage into a remarkable visual masterpiece within a stipulated time frame. Our editing team performs different kinds of work like editing multiple tiny shots, elaborating audio files and manipulating and property videos etc. in a really swifter manner. But wedding video editing would take a longer time than corporate video editing projects. The timelines are set according to the project requirements; following which the deadline may also shift based on the duration of the video and its quality as given by the customer.


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Frequently asked questions

We generally deliver outcomes within 3-7 days. We also have an option for 48-hour delivery, which would call for additional charges.

Well, there’s no limit. We receive hundreds of files for projects on a regular basis. The cost will typically depend on the volume of footage that we need to check. Many times, it might happen that we would not use a considerable portion of the image in the final version.
Yes, we can edit 4K videos using the right hardware and can generate 60 frames per second.
Yes, we can surely export several short videos from a common video so that you can use these mini clips for different purposes on different platforms.
Yes, we can share the project files with you, if you want. However, this is not so easy as we need to consider several factors including plugins, templates, fonts, and machine compatibility.
We always believe in ‘doing it right the first time’. However, if you need revisions, we can definitely send you revised versions free of cost up to a certain number of trials, after which the revisions would be chargeable.
You can browse through our Portfolio or project gallery to get an idea about the quality of the outcomes, which you can expect from us. You can also engage us on a free project trial, if you want.
We provide custom packages to every customer who approaches us with a unique request. So your project pricing would depend on your specific requirements.
Here’s a list of common video editing techniques that we commonly apply in our projects:
  • Transitions & cuts
  • Audio mixing
  • Image Stabilization
  • Color Grading
  • Addition of Tittles and Text Overlays
  • Motion Graphics
Yes, we can definitely make good use of not-so-professional footage.
There’s no limit that would apply. The total duration would depend on the total volume of the raw footage which is available and the part that can be used.
Yes, we do. We import music from a music licensing platform. We even make sure to send you the licensing information so that you can stay protected from copyright issues. We offer turnkey services, delivering ready-to-use solutions.
Yes, we do use stock photo and videos from a library that we maintain to execute our projects.
You would send us raw video footage through Dropbox or Gdrive or a secured FTP path. We would refine the footage and send you the first version. We would then create the final version based on your feedback.
Yes, we can base our work on a particular video editing style. We would also ensure that your video reflects your brand’s character and philosophy.

Case Studies

Media Agency got 25% cost cutting by outsourcing video clipping support

300 Drone Video Footages Edited for a Real Estate Client with in 10 days

Real estate promotional videos created for a realtor from Australia

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Client Testimonials

“We are really proud to be associated with the PGBS team because they have understood our requirements well and we have received one of the best video annotation services from the team! We must also say that we got what we needed at the right time. Actually, we were searching for a service provider who would help us in getting it easy for us to deal with Machine Learning and they did it well. ”

Business owner, Video hosting company in Houston, USA

“Well done, we are truly inspired by the way they handle even the toughest ones. The team is efficient and they are just superb. We have been very much satisfied with them for our transformation of the corporate videos.
Highly recommended!”

VP, Event organizing company in London, UK
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Do share about your requirements and we will see how our professional video editing services will help you to meet your objectives.

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