If you are a videographer, you would know the significance of the color grading and what it can do for your video footage. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions (PGBS) is among the leading names in the Video color Correction Services. Backed by a global clientele, we have a team of expert editors who work closely with you to correct your video outputs, yielding a more valuable audience. Combined with cutting edge technology expertise, our color correction specialists are always beyond limitations while executing a project.

You can take advantage of our creative team to get amazing videos for your business. Our range of expertise is widely common for advertising agencies, film industries and production studios on a global model.

What is included in our professional color grading services?

  • Take your videos to the next level

    Our video color correction services is intended to take your videos to the next level. We help you fix the white balances and color exposures with a cinematic touch-up. Not just that, we help you with the proper tone balancing, contrast, hue, saturation and other related enhancements. We are confined to the consistent color grading services that help you enhance the quality of the video.

  • Adjust the color enhancements

    It is quite common that some videos may be shot during the day and some during the night. In either of these cases, we help you correct the color grading and make your clipping as natural as ever so that it becomes visually appealing to your eyes. You do not need to worry about the lighting variations while shooting at different times of the day.

  • Get rid of unwanted fluctuations

    Our experts help you to get rid of the unwanted fluctuations that happened in your video while shooting. We also take care of exposures, bad weather conditions, video stabilization, video cropping, etc., to give the relevant pitch to your clipping. By doing so, we transform your raw footage into a professional one.

What are the different types of color grading services we offer?

The process of color grading is important for every video to get the desired output. That is why we have you here!

We offer a wide range of color correction types to make your video look awesome!

  • Corporate & Commercial Videos

    Our clients are the core of our business. Satisfying them are our topmost priority. We provide them with the colors they want for their footage. While we do the color correction, we ensure to add on the energy and excitement as required for the particular scene of the clipping. Our skilled video experts are our core strength. By enhancing your footage with the right combination of colors, we give that extra edge to the corporate video by making it an awesome version for you.

  • Documentary Videos

    Documentaries are always special. We help you manage the exact colors you need for your clipping. It may be a combination of attractive colors for some portions, while some may require a dull combination. Depending on the context, we can help you edit them. Also, the toning of the skin will be considered so that you get the perfect look and feel of the story.

  • Wedding Videos

    Wedding videos need ultimate color grading techniques to make them look excellent. Our expert video editors provide professional wedding video editing support to transform your raw footage into extraordinary ones, with swift turnaround time and with the best quality.

  • Drone Videos

    Drone shots are really important for real estate shootings to showcase the property in and out from different angles in a beautiful coverage. So, equally important are the quality of the footage. We truly understand that and support you with the best-in-class color correction services for your drone shots.

  • Real Estate Videos

    Showcasing your property is important for real estate agents, and good quality works wonders for your business. We can assist you with the best ways for you to showcase your property more efficiently with our real estate video editing assistance.

  • Business Videos

    Every business process is dependent on professional visuals, which is why color grading becomes very important in your business communications. We can help you transform your videos into business-friendly ones.

Our Approach for Video Color Correction Services

  • Get the Business requirements from the client

    This is the first step of our process, and we gather the business requirement details from the client, based on which we decide on the resources and timeframe required for the project. By closely working with the client, we get the details on the project to help us proceed.

  • Transfer your footage

    Once we are done with the business requirement stage, the next step would be to receive the raw footage we would need to work on. The footage will be shared with us via the shattered FTP mode.

  • Color Fixing on the Project

    Once we receive the raw footage from the client, we will allocate the resources to work on it. Our color grading artists will work on the color correction aspects and editing features based on the brief explanation from the client.

  • First Draft Review

    Once we finish the first draft, we will forward it to the client for the initial review and collect the feedback.

  • Final Submission

    Once the client approves the same and the updates are confirmed, we will incorporate the changes in the final version and forward it to the client after completing the Quality check from our end.

Why should you hire our video color grading company?

  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • Strict adherence to data security
  • Serving clients from around the globe
  • Round the clock support

Outsource video color grading services to us

Color grading is not just a video editing process, but it drives the entire princess and its workflow. No matter any tool you use, you need to get the expertise in it and get your best videos rolling out.

With many years of experience and expertise in the field and as a reputed name among professional video editing services companies, we are all set to help you transform your footage into professional output. If you are looking for the best video color grading outsourcing partner for your business, let us get on with the conversation.

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