PGBS is a leading provider of social media video editing services. We, at PGBS, employ a team of professional video editors who are not just creative and passionate about their work, but are so adept at using diverse type of video editing tools. Most importantly, they always do their best to deliver videos of the highest quality, which can impress your target audience. What sets us apart from the crowd is the fact that we have a deep understanding of what actually works and we can tailor videos as per the specific guidelines suggested by a particular social media platform. We maintain a comprehensive service portfolio, which allows us to cater to the diverse requirements of clients.

Types of Social Media Video Editing Services that We Deliver

We keep ourselves updated on the requirements and video-posting criteria set by different social media platforms and we do our best to ensure that your video reels and video content creates the maximum impact on your targeted social media users.

Facebook video editing

Our expert editors can edit your existing videos and transform them according to Facebook platform. We can convert your content into impressive Facebook shared post videos, stories, 360-degree videos, video carousel ads, slideshow ads, instant experience video ads, etc.

Get the flawlessly edited video within a super-quick turnaround and at an amazingly competitive rate. Try us today!

Instagram video editing

Get cutting-edge videos for Instagram and convert your Instagram followers into long-term customers. Our professionally trained editors specialize in Instagram editing and can make your monotonous content truly ‘Instagrammable’!

Let us convert your clips into enticing Instagram in-feed videos, stories, reels, etc. We can also skillfully edit your Instagram Lives recorded earlier.

Gain more followers on Instagram and become an influencer soon with our superb editing services!

TikTok video editing

TikTok is all the rage now. Become a TikTok influencer with addictive viral TikToks content by our trained editing experts. Grab attention and stand out in the sea of TikToks your target audience casually scrolls through, with our proficiently edited TikTok reels and TikTok video ads.

Make a splash in the TikTok world and entice Gen Zs with sleek, customized videos edited by film editing specialists.

YouTube video editing

Let our accomplished YouTube editing experts transform your plain and simple YouTube video from bland to grand! Using the latest technologies and editing tools, we can edit your content to the extent that they increase visibility, drive organic traffic to your channel, and spread more brand awareness.

Let our professional editors edit and develop fancy YouTube shorts, long-form videos, promotional ads and much more. We also provide support for YouTube thumbnail creation.

LinkedIn video editing

Elegant and well-made videos are preferred by the LinkedIn algorithm, driving organic hits and shares. If you want to raise the bar of your LinkedIn content, let our gifted editing professionals edit your videos and optimize them for the platform.

We can create engaging LinkedIn ads, post videos, and profile videos for you, that showcase your communication skills and let recruiters understand more about your professional personality.

Establish yourself or your brand as a thought leader within your niche and drive more traffic to your business.

Twitter video editing

With our affordable post-production solutions, especially for Twitter, be a trailblazer! Our talented editing artists can edit and optimize your video clips for Twitter, which will generate engagement and create buzz.

We can convert and edit your longer content into short and crisp Twitter teaser videos, answer tweets videos, Q&A videos, behind-the-scene videos, and much more.


Let the clips edited by our Twitter video editing team convey your message loud and clear and with significant impact.


Although Pinterest is an image-oriented social media platform, it has now introduced “Video Pins” that appear in home feeds and search results. Be a crowd-puller with pin-worthy content edited and developed by our pro editors.

We can beautifully create stunning Pinterest ads, idea pins, and organic videos for you that drive you greater sales and loyal followers.

Creating engaging content that inspire and compel the audience to know more, is the prime challenge for Pinterest content creators. Let our skilled team edit your Pinterest videos and help you drive more views, pins, and buzz.

Categories of Social Media Videos Edited By Us

  1. Tutorial Videos  

    We can edit and fine-tune how-to video tutorials, adding appropriate transitions and captions.

  2. Product Demo Videos

    We can edit product demos, making it easier for target customers to understand how a product actually works and can be used.

  3. User-Generated Videos

    Our video editors can appropriately edit user-generated videos, ensuring that they create strong impact over social media.

  4. Vlogs

    We provide affordable vlog video editing, allowing video bloggers to create their own brand and establish a strong online presence.

  1. Interview and Q&A Videos

    We can edit interview videos, allowing corporate houses to keep records of important interviews.

  2. Event Videos

    We can refine videos of events including wedding videos, corporate videos, music videos etc. in the most professional manner.

  3. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

    We can creatively edit behind-the-scenes videos, allowing the important moments to be retained.

  4. Promotional Videos

    We help businesses with professionally-edited promotional videos that they can use to market their business offerings.

Techniques That We Are Adept at Applying

Our video editors are adept at applying diverse advanced video post-production techniques and can edit your videos to an optimal level. Here’s a snapshot of what we normally handle in our projects on a regular basis.

  • Jump Cut video editing

    We can cut between two shots in sequences so as to instill a livelier look and feel in the scenes.

  • Video cropping

    We can crop videos professionally, adjusting the edges in an appropriate manner so as to ensure better viewing and appeal.

  • Video Stabilizing

    We can stabilize your videos, removing shakiness and ensuring that your videos become watch-worthy.

  • Merging and rearranging sequences

    We will make your video’s story have a perfect flow. We would rearrange individual footage in the perfect sequence, ensuring engagement and perfect message delivery.

  • Sub-titling or adding text

    We can add the required subtitles to make your videos reach diverse audience and we can even add creative captions to make your videos more engaging.

  • Distortion removal

    We can perfectly remove any type of video distortion that may negatively impact the appeal of your video.

  • Removing unwanted video footage

    We would screen every footage and remove the unwanted or the low-quality ones in order to create a final footage of the highest quality.

  • Video Trimming

    With our video trimming support, we will remove the unwanted video clips from the beginning or at the end to keep the video short which can convey the message better.

Why should you hire PGBS for your social media video editing requirements?

PGBS is a reputed name in the video editing services domain. We, at PGBS, have some of the industry’s most experienced video editors working with us. We take quality seriously and do our best to deliver high-standard videos that can help you fulfill your unique objectives.

Here are the reasons why you may want to engage with us for social media video editing:

  • Experienced Video Editors: Our video editors are qualified and are trained to perform diverse types of video post processing techniques so as to create professional video versions.
  • Quality: We ensure to deliver videos of the highest quality, thereby making sure that our clients are able to reap the maximum benefits
  • Data Security: We have strict data security policies in place which helps us to maintain confidentiality of our customers data.
  • Advanced Technology: We use the latest versions of video editing tools, which enables us to complete projects in an efficient manner.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: We are flexible in our approach and our scalable infrastructure allows us to handle projects of all sizes.
  • Round-the-clock Support: We provide support 24/7, allowing our clients to stay connected with us at all times of the day, throughout the week.
  • Best Pricing: We offer some of the best prices in the industry, allowing our clients to make the most out of their investments.
  • Short Turnaround Time: We complete projects within the shortest turnaround time, allowing our clients to stay ahead of the competition.


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Client Testimonials

“We are really proud to be associated with the PGBS team because they have understood our requirements well and we have received one of the best video annotation services from the team! We must also say that we got what we needed at the right time. Actually, we were searching for a service provider online who would help us in getting it easy for us to deal with Machine Learning and they did it well. ”

Business owner, Video hosting company in Houston, USA

“Well done, we are truly inspired by the way they handle even the toughest ones. The team is efficient and they are just superb. We have been very much satisfied with them for our transformation of the corporate videos.
Highly recommended!”

VP, Event organizing company in London, UK

Have a project to discuss? We, at PGBS, are always ready to work closely with you so as to be able to deliver outcomes that you are looking for. Call us for a quote today.