Video serves as a vital tool for marketing your products and services and to help you convey your brand’s story to your target audience in an impactful manner. Needless to mention, professionally-edited videos drive better results and can help you increase your sales conversion rates. Video production takes a lot of planning, detailing, effort, resources, and time, and so you should make sure that you put strong focus on video post production process so that you can get your videos to an optimal extent and use them optimally to drive business outcomes. There are two ways to handle video editing. First off, you may hire in-house editors who would edit your videos and secondly, you may consider outsourcing video editing work to reliable post production houses that can guarantee world-class video post production services and provide cheaper video post production rates compared to what your in-house video editors would typically charge you.

In this article, we have highlighted the different types of activities that are involved in video post processing. By knowing these details, you would be able to understand if you need to hire a specialist to do these tasks for you or if you can adopt a DIY approach.

Types of Videos that Demand Professional Post Processing Efforts

Footages that have commercial use should be edited by professional video editors who can guarantee the delivery of desired outcomes. Here are the different types of videos that need professional editing support:

  • Event Videos

    Wedding videos are typical examples of event footages. These videos have durations of 30 seconds to 3 hours and they may be in the form of multi-camera production, teasers, or even recaps. These videos typically capture events such as live shows, sports, lectures, weddings, performances, and meetings.

  • Advertising Videos

    Commercials typically last for 30-90 seconds and they may often feature branded and sponsored content. These may be animated or scripted and may have a particular theme.

  • Documentary-styled Promotional Videos

    These videos may last up to half an hour and feature interviews that give shape to a certain story. Examples of these footages include infomercials, promotional and travel videos.

  • Corporate Videos

    Examples of these types of videos include promotional videos, brand videos, and training videos. These have durations of 1 to 60 minutes.

  • Vlog Videos

    These are video blogs and are widely used these days to convey blog content in a more engaging manner. They may be quite lengthy, often lasting for more than 5 minutes.

  • YouTube Videos

    These are created while keeping YouTube’s specifications in mind and they are mainly promotional content that has a perfect yet realistic storyline.

  • Travel Videos

    These contain an individual’s travel experiences and are mostly personal. However, many travel agencies or media channels may use them for commercial purposes as well.

  • Film Videos

    These are feature films or short telefilms and usually vary in length from 1 hour to several hours.

  • Real Estate Videos

    These videos are created through the use of multiple filming techniques such as timelapse, sliders, drones, etc. These may last upto 5 minutes or so.

  • Educational Video Services

    These may be classified under explainer videos, tutorials, how-to content, etc. the shortest video of this kind may have a duration of 30 seconds whereas footages that explain a topic in detail are typically longer.

  • Music Videos

    This category includes video trailers and teasers and features a singer who sings his creations so as to create an audio story.

  • Social Media Videos

    These footages are meant to be posted on social media and they typically last for up to a minute. These are created through an optimal combination of narration, music, and text. You will commonly find these videos on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram Reels, etc.

If you are looking to promote your brand or your business through videos, then you may need to use various types of footages across diverse platforms to ensure effectiveness and desired responses. This is the reason why you may want to hire the services of a professional video editor who would tailor videos as per the norms of diverse platforms in order to ensure that you get the desired response from your target audience on multiple platforms. A video editor would deliver professional post production editing support, thereby finetuning your videos to an optimal extent. Professional editing of footage starts with the selection of the right clips and organizing them in a specific order so as to create a story that has a definite flow. Editing includes manipulating the sound as well as the picture, adding episode titles, sound tracks, sound effects, and credits. In the upcoming section, we have discussed about the different activities that are performed during a professional video post production process.

Key Elements of the Video Editing Process

  • Color Correction

    This element is often ignored during the video editing process. When a video gets filmed, multiple cameras and multiple locations are often used. Videographers should make sure that the camera settings remain consistent with the lighting, but there’s a greater probability that a video gets affected due to variations in color depth and lighting. With color correction, you should be able to color tone and let your story flow in a smooth way.

  • Visual Effects

    Visual effects that are incorporated during the post production phase may be of various types. This may include muzzle flashes or green-screen compositing. These processes are meant to include elements that were not included during the videography phase. Visual effects may take the form of computer-generated-imagery (CGI), which is widely used in commercial films. Creation of visual effects demands talent and expertise.

  • Animation

    This is another vital element of the video post processing phase. By adding animated elements, you can draw the viewers’ attention towards certain aspects of your messages and can make viewing a pleasant and engaging experience for your target audience.

  • Special Effects

    By adding special effects to a video, you can bring it to life. This may include the addition of animation or motion graphics in a seamless manner so that they blend well with the actual footage. This may be as simple as the use of an animated logo to a comprehensive animation that we can find in high-tech movies.

  • Soundtrack Mixing

    This is an important task as this will convert an otherwise bland video into an interesting footage. Background music should match the visuals and it should complement the tone and the editing pace in order to create an outcome that would appeal to your target audience. Adding a soundtrack to a video is a detail-oriented process. Professional sound-designers are required to personalize the soundtrack so as to complement the volume-alterations, pace-changes, and the pace of the action in the video. At the end, the outcome should feel like a single product rather than a product that contains several discrete elements packaged together. If you are using copyrighted tracks, you should pay the licensing charges.

  • Voiceover Recording

    While there is no need to add voiceovers in all videos, but they do add clarity and allow your target audience to understand what you want to say to them.  Recording of the voiceover might involve multiple takes, but the effort definitely pays back in terms of better synchronization and superior quality of the outcomes.

Things that you may want to know about distribution

You can distribute your video content via OTT platforms such as Amazon or Netflix as well as through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or through TV channels including MTV or Comedy Central. You need to make sure that you abide by the parameters specified by every social media platform. This may include specifications with respect to video length and aspect ratio. This would determine the number of versions that should be exported after color correction and editing. With streaming services, you would work with a non-linear distribution model while with YouTube, you will work on an on-demand viewing setup. When you are distributing content through TV channels, you would work with a linear broadcasting model that allows for content distribution at a specified time only. For every channel that you choose, your video must meet the required technical specifications.

Top video post production software that you can use

The quality of the video editing outcome will largely be dependent on the experience of the video editor and on the tools that they choose for the post processing work. We have listed some of the top video editing software that you may consider using in your next project. Here we go with the list:

  • Adobe Premiere: This is a very advanced video editing program that features an intuitive interface that promotes faster editing. A free trial version is available, so you can check if this is the best option for you.
  • Final Cut Pro: This software features a highly organized tool set that promotes efficient clip organization using metadata.
  • After Effects: This is another product of Adobe, which you can use without an internet. You can download the free trial version for practice. It also features a share option.
  • Avid Media Composer: The best part of using this software is that you can change the interface as per your convenience. It has both free and professional versions.

If you are a beginner in the field of video editing, you may find this article to be useful. If you are already a pro in video editing and if you have a lot of projects to handle at the moment, you may consider outsourcing some of your projects to a reputed video post production studio that can guarantee  world-class outcomes, personalized service delivery, and the best video editing rates. We, at PGBS, have a team of highly-experienced post production video editors who have enormous expertise in using leading video editing tools. They are passionate about their work and can go out of the way to finetune your footages to perfection. We are one of the most reputed video post production houses; we promise that you would never be disappointed.

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