Whiteboard animation videos are one of the latest inclusions in the list of online marketing tools. Whether you are publicizing an upcoming product or educating your audience about product features of an existing one, whiteboard animations provide you with immense marketing scope. You must have noted that marketers are extensively integrating these videos into their websites and social media posts.

The reason is that it is a great tool for advertisement, besides being easy to design. People can understand complex messages through these animated videos. In a nutshell, you can reach out to your target groups easily through whiteboard animation videos. As it makes the marketing message engaging, people love to watch them till the end.

tips for creating whiteboard animation video

Whiteboard animation video tips

One of the most outstanding features of whiteboard animated videos is that it can turn a drab topic interesting. However, as a successful marketer, you should know the secrets behind creating an impact in the minds of your customers through these videos. Here, we present you with some useful whiteboard animation video tips.

Tell a story through the visuals

Simply present your message in the form of a story. A well-crafted story can hardly be resisted. The natural psychology of humans makes them curious about anything that they find appealing. Whiteboard animations are visually pleasing. Besides being simple, they contain simple hand-draws sketches or basic images. This creates a lively impact in the video. It creates a power of attraction, prompting the viewers to watch the video. You can integrate a long story about your brand, compelling the viewer to watch it time and again.

An important point to be remembered: develop a storyline that revolves around common problems faced by your customers. This will develop an empathy in their minds. You can easily captivate their attention through these videos.

Present animated characters

Characters in your story breathe life into it. When you present a product, make sure to integrate a human essence in it by developing characters. It binds the story together, stringing together the unrelated parts. The audience can associate themselves with the characters, which strengthens the impact of your video. It is necessary to develop a psychological bond with your target groups while whiteboard animation video creation. It is best possible through human means. The characters make your approach more personal, making your advertisement memorable. This is what you need; your prospects always appreciate personalized approaches.

Traditional approach

Well, in order to create an engaging whiteboard animated video, you need to make your tactic more traditional as well. The three key basic elements of a traditional video are

  • The hand
  • The white background
  • The continuous drawings in black

Integrating these three elements in your video will make it easily recognizable, making it different from hundreds of commercial videos that people come across. You may be innovative when it comes to the details you add to the video, but make sure to adopt a traditional approach for generating the whiteboard drawing video animation.

Usage of colour

You might be wondering whether a colour will go well with a whiteboard animated video or not. Well, you may incorporate a little dose of colour. However, be careful not to make the colour too attractive, as it may distract the viewers. Remember, you are not making a colourful video, so retain the basic principles of a whiteboard animation. If you wish to use a little tinge of shade, use the colour of your brand. Besides, you should not use the colour uniformly in all the marketing messages. Highlight the important areas with the colour, so that it can draw the attention of the audience. Overuse of colours during animation process repels away your prospects from the actual message that you intend to communicate.

Integrating the hand

The animation should depict the story to be presented by an artist in real time. Well, the video should contain a hand, drawing the necessary sketches, images and other elements. You can experiment with the animation every way, keeping the hand constant. You may integrate the hand in two ways. It can either be drawn by a human, a camera capturing the entire process, or you can use a design tool to draw the hand. In any case, the hand should always be visible in the video. This is an element that you see in the best animated whiteboard videos that keeps the viewers interested and curious.

Integrate elements that stir the emotions

One of the best ways to create the desired impact in your target groups is to use their emotions in the favour of your business. It is necessary to understand the position occupied by your brand in the minds of the people. If you are launching a new product, you need to create the position for your brand. For instance, a successful marketer may showcase the childhood of people that creates a sense of nostalgia. When you cultivate this emotional space in your audience, you can win their empathy for your brand. In this way, you can present a complex message in a simplified way. You can naturally integrate these emotions in the storyline. Being creative always fetches you rewards and the same rule apply in case of whiteboard animated video solution as well.

Connect your drawings

Connect your drawings logically, so that they can convey the flow of your story. When you engage your audience with a compelling storyline, they are keen to know the incidents that unfold next. It is essential to establish a well-interpretable connection between the subsequent images to strengthen the link between them. Your customers will be watching how the story takes shape and how the artist is drawing it. When you develop the drawings, think of it as a continuous flow of incidents and not individual images. Connect the story throughout the video through the sketches. It is for this reason marketers opt for digital whiteboard videos.

Integrate your educational message

Think of the utility of the message you are presenting to your customers. It should tell them about your brand, or convey a story to them. Make the video of whiteboard animation educational, so that people will have fun learning something new from it. You can make the subject of the message educational by integrating stories, drawings and characters with whom they can relate themselves. At the same time, make the story appealing to their psychological space. Educational messages will retain their willingness to view the animation till the end.

Focus on your script

After you develop the script, read it aloud. Watch out for areas where the language needs to be simplified. Spoken and written languages have different impacts in the minds of your audience. Make sure that the message is transferred to your audience directly. It should be natural and free-flowing, so remove complicated words that people find difficult to understand.

Focus on quality

You develop the script, create the storyboard, draw the characters and produce the video before your target group. After all these, you may find your efforts turn futile, due to substandard quality of video. Don’t just look for low whiteboard animation video pricing and ruin everything.

Whatever you advertise, keep a watch on the quality of materials you produce; use the best video animation software. Remember, customers in the digitized world are encountering information every moment. Therefore, it is necessary to make your production outstanding, so that it can create an impact in their minds. Poor quality production may leave the video unnoticed and absolutely useless.

In order to assure quality in your videos, you may reach out to an expert team of animators. Whiteboard animation video is a great tool for marketing, provided you can incorporate it to the fullest potential. You may educate your audience, promote your product or simply inform them through these videos. Just assure that you associate with the best animation company offering exceptional animation services.

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